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Quick News Roundup

Star Wars Adventures

We had a quiet week here at Good Comics for Kids because your Fearless Editor was at C2E2 in Chicago, rounding up the latest comics news. Here are a couple of articles to check out:

A roundup of kids’ comics news, including info on IDW’s new Star Trek Adventures comics, a new all-ages comic from Fables creator Bill Willingham, fresh titles from Lion Forge and Oni Press, and the return of The Return of the Dapper Men.

A manga roundup, with all the details on newly announced manga licenses, including Splatoon, some Disney and original German language titles from Tokyopop (yes, they’re back!), and a new full-color hardcover omnibus of Attack on Titan: No Regrets from Kodansha Comics.

A report on the She Changed Comics panel, which featured Janet Lee (The Return of the Dapper Men), Lucy Knisley (Relish, Something New), comics scholar Carol Tilley, and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund’s Betsy Gomez.

And here are a couple of cool articles by other writers:

Entertainment Weekly has more info on Star Wars Adventures, including some art.

Dan Parent Archie art

Are you ready for yet another new Archie? Longtime artist and writer Dan Parent is debuting a look that’s somewhere between classic Archie and new-look Archie in a new series, Your Pal Archie, to be written and inked by Ty Templeton.

My CBR colleague Albert Ching interviews Gene Luen Yang!

James Whitbrook has the 411 on Papercutz’s new line of tween-girls graphic novels, Charmz.

Gene Yang again! This time he’s on video talking about how reading builds empathy.


The Paste Comics Kids-at-Heart team compiles a list of the 50 best children’s comics.

Gizmodo remembers Leo Baxendale, who delighted generations of readers with his Minnie the Minx and Bash Street Kids comics in the UK weeklies The Beano and The Dandy.


Cartoonist and high school teacher Cara Bean has drawn a nice comic strip about how her class is a “sanctuary city.”

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