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Links: New Rogue One Comic on the Way

Rogue One

IDW, which will launch a line of all-ages Star Wars Adventures comics in September, will also publish a graphic novel, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, in December. Another graphic novel, The Force Awakens, will be out later this month.

Darryl Cunningham talks about his new book, Graphic Science, which collects mini-biographies of seven people whose important contributions to science have been undeservedly overlooked.

Katie Quirk writes about the graphic novels that her kids read during the year they spent in Costa Rica; since they weren’t able to bring many books, her parents sent them monthly bundles, and they had good taste! Best of all, at the end of the trip she donated them all to the local library for other kids to enjoy.

Comics scholar Aaron Kashtan writes about the BOOM! Box imprint, which includes Lumberjanes, Goldie Vance, and Giant Days, holding it up as an example of an imprint whose books are both socially progressive and genuinely fun to read.


Hero Cats: Midnight Over Stellar City, vol. 2
Mega Princess


Publisher’s Weekly reviews All’s Faire in Middle School by Victoria Jamieson (Roller Girl); in this book, she turns from roller derby to a Renaissance fair for her setting.

Amy Estersohn on The Adventures of John Blake: Mystery of the Ghost Ship (No Flying, No Tights)
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Kelly Fineman on Castle in the Stars: The Space Race of 1869 (Guys Lit Wire)
Stergios Botzakis on Comics Squad: Detention (Graphic Novel Resources)
Mark Dickson on vol. 1 of The Deep (Panel Patter)
Thomas Maluck on vol. 1 of Dragon Ball Super (No Flying, No Tights)
Zainab Akhtar on Garbage Night (Comics&Cola)
Mark Dickson on Grumpy Cat/Garfield #1 (Panel Patter)
Henry Chamberlain on Haytham: A Childhood in Syria (Comics Grinder)
Eric on Legend of Zelda: Four Swords (Legendary Edition) (Comic Attack)
Melissa on Mighty Jack and the Goblin King (Book Nut)
Zoey on Mighty Jack and the Goblin King (The Roarbots)
Amy Estersohn on Miles Morales: A Spider-Man Novel (No Flying, No Tights)
Beth Rogers on Misfits of Avalon, vol. 2: The Ill-Made Guardian (No Flying, No Tights)
Brigid Alverson on Pashmina (ICv2)
Mark Richardson on Smash! Exploring the Mysteries of the Universe with the Large Hadron Collider (No Flying, No Tights)
Cindy Dobrez and Lynn Rutan on Soupy Leaves Home (Bookends)
Gary Tyrrell on Spinning (Fleen)
Maria Aghazarian on The Wrenchies (No Flying, No Tights)
Mark Dickson on Zeros #1 (Panel Patter)

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