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This Week’s Comics: Squids Unleashed

What’s better than leftovers? All the titles from this week’s new releases! DC Comics collects the last half of Gotham Academy Second Semester with The Ballad of Olive Silverlock. IDW Publishing brings back the Powerpuff Girls with the new mini series The Bureau Of Bad #1, while Seven Seas Entertainment continues the adventures of the sweet cat Plum and new kitten Snowball in Plum Crazy: Tales of a Tiger-Striped Cat, Volume 3.

The List:

Miraculous #17 (Pixelator)(Cover A Zag Entertainment), $4.99

Pink Panther Cartoon Hour Special #2 (Cover A Jacob Greenawalt), $3.99

Archie Comics Double Digest #284, $5.99

Regular Show Volume 5 Parks And Wreck GN, $14.99

Gotham Academy Second Semester Volume 2 The Ballad Of Olive Silverlock TP, $14.99

Atomic Robo And The Spectre Of Tomorrow #2 (Cover A Scott Wegener), $3.99
My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Volume 13 TP, $17.99
Powerpuff Girls The Bureau Of Bad #1 (Of 3)(Cover A Philip Murphy), $3.99
Star Wars Adventures #4 (Cover A Eric Jones), $3.99
Uncle Scrooge #32 (Cover A Massimo Fecchi), $3.99
Yo-Kai Watch HC, $12.99

Monsters Unleashed Volume 1 Monster Mash TP, $15.99  **Weekly Pick**

Plum Crazy Tales Of Tiger-Striped Cat Volume 3 GN, $11.99

Doctor Who The Eleventh Doctor Year Three #12 (Cover A Simon Myers & Rachael Smith), $3.99

Splatoon Manga Volume 1 GN, $9.99  **Weekly Pick**

The Picks:

Monsters Unleashed v1Monsters Unleashed Volume 1 Monster Mash TP – Marvel Comics lets loose the monsters with the first trade of their sci-fi series. Kei Kawada didn’t think he was changed by the terrigen mist that awakened his Inhuman DNA, until the giant monsters he drew, or “kaiju” became real. Taking the name Kid Kaiju, he and his do-good monsters Aegis, Slizzik, Scragg, Mekara and Hi-Vo take on other gargantuan creatures to protect the planet from ruin and disaster. Helping him is monster-hunter Elsa Bloodstone, but will the rest of Earth’s heroes allow them to help? And who is the new organization Intelligencia, and why are they obsessed with Kid kaiju and his oversized friends? Fans of giant monsters like Godzilla and his ilk will flock to this series like ducks to water, or giant monsters to major cities.

SSplatoon 1platoon Manga Volume 1 GN – Viz Media releases another series based on a Nintendo video game series. Turf Wars have begun in Inkopolis, and the team that inks the most territory will win. Goggle-kun, and the rest of Team Blue, Headphones-chan, Knit Cap-chan and Glasses-kun aren’t ranked as high as the other teams. But with some teamwork, and a touch of creativity, these four inklings, who can switch between human and squid forms, just might leave their mark on this tournament. Splatoon was one of the very few titles to succeed on Nintendo’s ill-fated Wii-U, and this title highlights a lot of the reasons why.

Images © Marvel Comics and Viz Media respectively.

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