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This Week’s Comics: Jet Dimensions

This week’s new releases doesn’t need a jump start to get the fun going! BOOM! Studios starts a new series based on a Nickelodeon property, Rocko’s Modern Life #1. DC Comics releases a new volume of Batman and Robin Adventures, set in the Batman: The Animated Series universe, while IDW Publishing continues their adaptation of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic TV episodes with The Cutie Map.

The List:

Jupiter Jet #1 (Cover A Ben Matsuya), $3.99  **Weekly Pick**
Miraculous #18 (Featuring Guitar Villain), $4.99
Princeless Raven The Pirate Princess Year Two Love And Revenge #2 (Cover A Xenia Pamfil), $3.99

Archie #26 (Cover A Audrey Mok), $3.99
Betty And Veronica Friends Winter Annual Digest #257, $6.99

Adventure Time #71 (Cover A Shelli Paroline & Braden Lamb), $3.99
Lumberjanes Volume 7 A Bird’s-Eye View TP, $14.99
Rocko’s Modern Life #1 (Cover A Jorge Monlongo), $3.99

Batman And Robin Adventures Volume 2 TP, $19.99
Teen Titans Go Volume 4 Smells Like Teen Titans Spirit TP, $12.99

Donald Duck Kingdom Under The Sea TP, $12.99
Jem And The Holograms Dimensions #1 (Cover A Tana Ford), $3.99 **Weekly Pick**
My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic #61 (Cover A Andy Price), $3.99
My Little Pony The Cutie Map TP, $7.99
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures Volume 14 TP, $19.99
Uncle Scrooge The Third Nile TP, $12.99

Moonstruck #4, $3.99

Marvel Universe Avengers Ultron Revolution Digest Volume 3 TP, $9.99

Doctor Who The Twelfth Doctor Year Three #10 (Cover A Simon Myers & Rachael Smith), $3.99

The Picks:

Jupiter Jet 1Jupiter Jet #1 – Action Lab Entertainment introduces a new high-flying hero. Sixteen-year-old Jacqueline “Jacky” Johnson needs a way to support herself and her little brother after losing their father. She finds it with an experimental jetpack that was hidden in their father’s workshop. She uses it to rob the zeppelin airship of the rich and criminal and give to herself and her poor neighbors. But when she accidentally steals a mysterious object from the mob, she has to avoid the robots, rayguns, and men with glowing eyes that all come after her. This series was first funded in a successful Kickstarter campaign and is now getting a wider print release. Kids will enjoy the excitement and adventure following a spunky girl set in a steampunk, retro-future world.

Jem Holograms Dimensions 1Jem And The Holograms Dimensions #1 – IDW Publishing brings back Jem and the Holograms with a new anthology series. Featuring two stories per issue, this first one has the Holograms playing Dungeons and Dragons with Jerrica as the Dungeon Master, and even Synergy joining the fun! Then, Sophie Campbell the artist who crafted Jem and the Holograms’ new look, returns to pen a Misfits story. They try to take a break and go on a ski trip, when all hell breaks loose…and so does Pizzazz’s cat! This new series brings back beloved creators as well as bringing in new ones to bring out more fun and entertaining stories.

Images © Action Lab Entertainment and IDW Publishing respectively.

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