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This Week’s Comics: Trickster W.I.T.C.H.

Chase away the chill with some of the titles from this week’s new releases. Dark Horse Comics warms things up with issue #3 of the second Zodiac Starforce series, Cries of the Fire Prince. Seven Seas Entertainment turns up the cuteness with volume 4 of Plum Crazy: Tales of a Tiger-Striped Cat while Vertical Comics relieves the boredom with My Neighbor Seki Volume 10.

The List:

Archie Giant Comics Roll TP, $7.99
Archie’s Big Book Volume 2 Fantasy TP, $19.99
Betty And Veronica Friends Jumbo Comics Digest #258, $6.99

Adventure Time Volume 11 Princess And Princess GN, $14.99
Go Go Power Rangers #6 (Cover A Dan Mora), $3.99
Lumberjanes #46 (Cover A Kat Leyh), $3.99
Steven Universe #12 (Cover A Missy Pena), $3.99

Zodiac Starforce Cries Of The Fire Prince #3 (Of 4), $3.99

Looney Tunes #241, $2.99
Scooby-Doo Team-Up #34, $2.99

Olympians Volume 10 Hermes Tales Of The Trickster GN, $10.99  **Weekly Pick**

DuckTales #5 (Cover A Marco Ghiglione), $3.99
My Little Pony Legends Of Magic #10 (Cover A Tony Fleecs), $3.99
Star Wars Adventures Forces Of Destiny Ahsoka And Padme #1 (Cover A Valentina Pinto), $3.99

Moonstruck #5, $3.99

Plum Crazy Tales Of Tiger-Striped Cat Volume 4 GN, $12.99

My Neighbor Seki Volume 10 GN, $10.95

W.I.T.C.H. The Graphic Novel Part 2 Nerissa’s Revenge Volume 1 GN, $11.00  **Weekly Pick**
W.I.T.C.H. The Graphic Novel Part 2 Nerissa’s Revenge Volume 2 GN, $11.00
W.I.T.C.H. The Graphic Novel Part 2 Nerissa’s Revenge Volume 3 GN, $11.00

The Picks:

HermesOlympians Volume 10 Hermes Tales Of The Trickster GN – First Second takes on the trickiest of the gods in this new Olympians volume. Son of Zeus and the oldest of the Pleiades, Maia, Hermes earns his title as trickster god from day one. From stealing his half brother Apollo’s prize cattle, through his adolescence, to adulthood where he and his equally mischievous son Pan have their own adventures, Hermes finds a way to bring a little levity and chaos to the often-overly-dramatic-antics of the Olympians. Hermes is sure to charm readers while showing them tales that explain why dogs sniff each other’s backsides.

Witch Part 2 vol 1W.I.T.C.H. The Graphic Novel Part 2 Nerissa’s Revenge Volume 1 GN – Yen Press continues their release of the popular early aughts series, that follows the adventures of five girls who become Guardians of Kandracar, and are given the powers of the five elements. This volume begins the second arc where the girls, Will, Irma Taranee, Cornelia and Hay Lin, must face Nerissa, an ex-Guardian intend on taking revenge on Kandracar and reclaim the power of Heart. Both old fans and new will enjoy the new translation of this Disney Italy property and a release of all three volumes of the arc, so there’s no waiting on cliff hangers!

Images © First Second and Yen Press respectively.

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  1. My students love mythology and the Olympians series. Can’t keep them on the shelf.

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