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Exclusive Preview: ‘Hex Vet’

We broke the news about Hex Vet back in May, and now we’re happy to bring you an exclusive 20-page preview—the first look at this super-cute new graphic novel by Sam Davies, creator of the webcomic Shutterhug. It’s a story about magical veterinarians who care for supernatural animals, and it will be published by BOOM! Studios under their KaBOOM! imprint in December. Enjoy!

Hex Vet 1

Hex Vet 2

Hex Vet 3

Hex Vet 4

Hex Vet 5

Hex Vet 6

Hex Vet 7

Hex Vet 8

Hex Vet 9

Hex Vet 10

Hex Vet 11

Hex Vet 12

Hex Vet 13

Hex Vet 14

Hex Vet 15

Hex Vet 16

Hex Vet 17

Hex Vet 18

Hex Vet 19

Hex Vet 20

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  1. Jason P. says:

    I have been watching your comics and artwork on Tumblr for a long while and seeing that your talent has been noticed by others and has produced this comic fills me with glee. Even if it is supposed to be for children, I am going to try to see everything you come out with.

    Really looking forward to what comes and how the story develops. Best of luck!

  2. I’ve seen you work on tumblr and I love these ideas And I’d love to continue reading this Series/Book!

  3. this is such a fresh, vibrant comic with an adorable, unique style!! I’ve been following your comics for quite a while and to see the varied designs of animals and characters involved in the story brings my heart so much joy. im /so/ excited to see the final product and the progress along the way!

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