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Kristen Gudsnuk’s ‘Making Friends’ Has Sequel Coming

Making Friends

Kristen Gudsnuk’s Making Friends, out this past summer, put a magical twist on the challenges of making friends in middle school. Esther Keller recommended it at this site for “fans of Raina Telgemeier and Jenny Holm”, praising the “fresh and vibrant” art. I found its exploration of what it means to be cool meaningful, and the imagination involved made for a fun read.

Now Scholastic has announced that there will be a sequel. Making Friends: Back to the Drawing Board is due out July 30, 2019, in both paperback and hardcover. It’s rated ages 8 to 12, grades 3 to 7. Again using her magic sketchbook, “Dany creates a duplicate of herself to secretly help with homework”, but she and friend Madison “accidentally unleash a magical dog that wreaks supernatural havoc on the town.” Will they save the day in time for the big school dance? Probably, but how they do it should be an enjoyable ride. With 224 pages, the hardcover has a list price of $24.99, and the paperback will be $12.99.

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