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This Week’s Comics: We Can Do It

Jedi Academy 7 HeaderHighlights from this week’s list of new comic and graphic novel releases include Catwad Volume 1 It’s Me, a new series from Graphix about a grouchy cat and his not-so-bright best friend. IDW Publishing introduces a new villain in their latest issue of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic #76, while Papercutz releases the first volume of their new series Amy’s Diary Volume 1 Space Alien Almost.

The List:

Bridge How The Roeblings Connected Brooklyn To New York TP, $18.99  **Weekly Pick**

Big Nate Payback Time TP, $9.99

Adventure Time Marcy And Simon #3 (Of 6)(Cover A Brittney Williams), $3.99
Ben 10 The Truth Is Out There GN, $7.99
Lumberjanes #60 (Cover A Kat Leyh), $3.99
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Volume 7 TP, $16.99
Steven Universe #26 (Cover A Missy Pena), $3.99

Rainbow Brite #5 (Cover A Paulina Ganucheau), $3.99

Adventure Van TP, $14.99

Catwad Volume 1 It’s Me GN, $8.99
Cleopatra In Space Volume 5 Fallen Empires GN, $14.99

Marvel Action Avengers #3 (Cover A Jon Sommariva), $3.99
My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic #76 (Cover A Andy Price), $3.99
Sonic The Hedgehog #15 (Cover A Jack Lawrence), $3.99

Encounter Volume 2 TP, $12.99

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #4 (Cover A Andrew Robinson), $3.99

Amy’s Diary Volume 1 Space Alien Almost GN, $9.99
Sweeties Volume 2 Summer Coco HC, $14.99

Star Wars Jedi Academy Volume 7 Revenge Of The Sis HC, $12.99 **Weekly Pick**

The Picks:

The BridgeBridge How The Roeblings Connected Brooklyn To New York TP – Abrams Comicarts tells the story behind the building of the Brooklyn Bridge and the extraordinary marriage that made it possible. The Brooklyn Bridge was originally designed by John Augustus Roebling, but it fell to his son Washington and daughter-in-law Emily to oversee the bridge’s construction. After Washington developed caisson disease, the task of completing the 14-year project fell to Emily, where she took his place running the worksite, assuming the role of chief engineer, and supervising the project, a role most women wouldn’t or couldn’t take on at the time. This graphic novel tells an inspiring story of the building of an iconic structure that wouldn’t have been possible without a marriage based on intellectual equality and mutual support. This book was released as a hardcover last year, and now it’s available in paperback. It’s a must for any non-fiction collection.

Jedi Academy 7Star Wars Jedi Academy Volume 7 Revenge Of The Sis – Scholastic starts an all-new story arc in the Star Wars: Jedi Academy series. Christina Starspeeder has graduated from the Coruscant campus and is going to the Jehda City campus with her master Skia Ro. At the new campus, she meets new jedi-in-training, new masters (some that leave her starstruck), and has to deal with the anxieties of moving to a new school such as figuring out where she fits in the new social circles as well as her family’s ongoing drama. Set several years in the future from the last volume, this volume gives Christina the spotlight to shine, and readers a new character to follow and fall in love with. No middle school library should be without it.

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