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This Week’s Comics: White Snake, Black Spot

Highlights from this week’s new releases include a Deluxe Turbo Championship Edition of Team Sonic Racing Plus from IDW Publishing, with more tips and tricks just in time for the video games’ release. Titan Comics looks at what pets are doing when their owners aren’t around in Secret Life of Pets #1, while Toon Books prepares young readers for an adventure with Trip to the Top of the Volcano with a Mouse.

The List:

Underdog And Pals #1 (Cover B S. L. Gallant Commander McBragg Variant), $3.99

Archie’s Superteens TP, $12.99

Amazing World Of Gumball Adventures In Elmore GN, $14.99

Looney Tunes #249, $2.99
Scooby-Doo Team-Up #48, $2.99

Sonic The Hedgehog #17 (Cover A Jack Lawrence), $3.99
Team Sonic Racing Plus Deluxe Turbo Championship Edition, $5.99

Junior High Horrors #5 (Cover A Eric Kent Scream Spoof Variant), $4.99

House Of The Black Spot GN, $12.00 Weekly Pick

Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur #43 (Cover A Natacha Bustos), $3.99

Secret Life Of Pets #1 (Cover A Goum), $3.99

Comics Easy As ABC SC, $9.99
Trip To The Top Of The Volcano With Mouse SC, $12.95

White Snake HC, $16.95 Weekly Pick

The Picks:

House Of The Black Spot GN – Koyama Press releases the next chapter in the Double+ duo’s adventures. Plus Man and Hank travel to Hank’s childhood home after learning that Hank’s Uncle Bill is dead. While investigating Uncle Bill’s death, they discover that sometimes greed can extend beyond the grave as they rile up a ghost with a knack for real estate. He and some revolting real estate developers are bent on destroying the idyllic Gear Town by evicting long time residents and turning their properties into weekend rentals for rich people. Plus Man and Hank must stop this ghastly gentrification and the most frightful sight of all: condos! Ben Sears’ Double+ series balances between kids and adults with a clever sense of humor and rich themes that both can enjoy.

White Snake HC – Toon Graphics brings a lesser known Grimm Brother’s Fairy Tale to life. Young Randall dreams of adventures until one day he’s sent off on a mission to discover the neighboring king’s secret. Upon his return, instead of a reward, he is thrown into the dungeon. His only hope for freedom comes in the guise of Princess Tilda, who entices him to compete for her hand. Randall will need to call up all his courage, determination, and Tilda’s trust in him to survive a dive for a ring at the bottom of the ocean, and search for the Golden Apple from the Tree of Life to prove himself worth of Tilda’s hand. Creator Ben Nadler has turned this timeless tale into a modern version that will resonate and delight today’s young readers.

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