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Comics News: Superheroes and Lumberjanes

December will be a big month in the comics world, as the Marvel Superheroes get some new origin stories and the Lumberjanes call it a day.

Marvel Action: Origins Launches in December

Marvel Action: Origins #1

IDW Publishing is the home of the Marvel Action comics, which are actually published as monthly comics before being collected into graphic novels. This week, they announced a new comic series, Marvel Action: Origins, which will feature not one but two separate origin stories in every issue. Marvel Action: Origins #1 will come out in December 2020 and will feature Spider-Man and Thanos. Veteran creator Chris Eliopoulos, who wrote and illustrated Franklin Richards: Son of a Genius and Cow Boy and now illustrates Brad Meltzer’s “Ordinary People Change the World” books, is the writer for this series, and the artist is newcomer Lanna Souvanny.

If you’re curious about these Marvel Action comics, Caleb just reviewed one in his latest round of Monthly-ish Mini-Reviews. There’s more Marvel on the way as well: Scholastic will start publishing original graphic novels about Marvel characters as part of its Graphix line in spring 2021.

Lumberjanes Head Home at Last

Lumberjanes End of Summer #1

As for the Lumberjanes, word came this week from publisher BOOM! Studios that they will wind up the long-running series in December with one final oversized issue, Lumberjanes: The End of Summer #1 (despite that issue number, there is no #2 or beyond—this is a one-shot).

The Lumberjanes aren’t going away, though. BOOM! will publish a new original graphic novel, Lumberjanes: True Colors, in October. That is the final volume in the trilogy of graphic novels that started with Lumberjanes: The Infernal Compass and continued with Lumberjanes: The Shape of Friendship. All three are by writer Lilah Sturges and artist polterink. In addition, BOOM! will publish Encyclopedia Lumberjanica, a compendium of tidbits about the “hardcore lady-types” so admired by the Lumberjanes, this month. And they promise there will be more Lumberjanes stories in the future.

Tillie Walden’s variant cover for Lumberjanes: End of Summer #1
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