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This Week’s Comics: Mr. Peabody’s Digest

Lori Henderson
Mr. Peabody 1

While away the long weekend with turkey sandwiches and some of this week’s new releases! Archie Comics releases a new issue of the Sonic Super Special Magazine featuring a comic adaptation of the new Sonic the Hedgehog video game, Sonic Lost Worlds. Kodansha Comics has the second volume of Sherlock Bones, featuring the cutest version [...]

This Week’s Comics: Ben 10 Team Up

Lori Henderson

It’s a cartoon-a-palooza on this week’s new comics list, with both old and new shows making a showing. BOOM! Studios has new issues of Adventure Time and Regular Show. IDW releases new issues of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Samurai Jack, and Bongo Comics prepares from winter with one of the granddaddys of [...]

This Week’s Comics: Sugary Worlds Collide

Lori Henderson
Worlds Collide 1

This is a short list of new releases, but there’s still plenty to enjoy. Ape Entertainment releases the second issue of their miniseries Genie the Genius. Archie Comics has another enormous collection of both old and new Archie stories in Archie 1000-Page Comics Jamboree, and IDW Publishing releases My Little Pony Art Gallery, allowing fans [...]

This Week’s Comics: Plants vs Skips

Lori Henderson
Plants vs Zombies

The holiday season is creeping up all too quickly, even in the new comics this week! Archie Comics is already looking to Christmas with both Archie Double Digest and Betty and Veronica Double Digest featuring stories about the holiday. Marvel Comics has the trade of the Oz comic Road to Oz, and Perfect Square, Viz [...]

This Week’s Comics: Equestria Spooktacular

Lori Henderson

As ghosts, ghouls and goblins come out to play, rein in all that mischief with some great comics! Get more Herobear and the Kid with the special Annual from BOOM! Studios. Dark Horse Comics has the third part of Avatar the Last Airbender: The Search, and Papercutz releases a true classic with Classics Illustrated Aesop’s [...]

This Week’s Comics: Samurai Bat

Lori Henderson

Indulge in some sweet treats and trades from this week’s new releases. Archie Comics releases the second trade of the Storybook series, this time with the Archie gang in fairy tales featuring princesses. IDW Publishing has a double dose of sweet trades with My Little Pony: Pony Tales featuring stories of the Mane 6, and [...]

Review: Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong

Lori Henderson
Nothing can Possibly go wrong

Stuck between his best friend’s aspirations to take his robotics club to the national competition and his ex-girlfriend’s need for new uniforms for her cheerleading squad, Charlie Nolan, captain of the basketball team though he had it rough, until a phone call from his mother, currently divorced from his father and living in California has [...]

This Week’s Comics: Dragon Explorer

Lori Henderson
Explorer 2

With Halloween fast approaching, the nights get spookier. Enhance that feeling with some seasonal comics! Amulet Books releases The Misadventures of Salem Hyde, a witch fit for younger readers. Tweens and teens will love the continued re-release of Courtney Crumrin’s adventures, now in color, with this week’s release of Monsterous Holiday. And while it’s not [...]

Review: Courtney Crumrin, Volumes 1 and 2

Lori Henderson
Courtney Crumrin 1

Things aren’t going so well for Courtney Crumrin. Thanks to her parents overloading their credit cards, they have accepted an offer to move to the wealthy suburb of Hillsborough and live rent free with their creepy old uncle, Aloysius. On top of dealing with rich, snobby classmates and a new home that is musty and [...]

This Week’s Comics: Action Lab Two-Fer

Lori Henderson
Molly Danger 1

As the temperature drops and the winds start to blow, the season of ghosts and ghouls comes upon us. Hide from the shadows behind some of this week’s new titles! Satisfy that sweet tooth with the new issue of Adventure Time Candy Capers from Boom! Studios. Hyperion releases the graphic adaptation of the third Percy [...]