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Review: ‘Aquicorn Cove’

Aquicorn Cove

Aquicorn Cove by Katie O’Neill Oni Press, $12.99 Ages 7-11 The author of The Tea Dragon Society returns with a graphic novel bound to satisfy her audience. As in her previous book, Aquicorn Cove has the same beautifully colored images, the same confident, sometimes wordless storytelling, similar relationships with unusual creatures, and a corresponding message […]

This Week’s Comics: Farlaine’s Dream

Farlaine the Goblin 7

Highlights from this week’s new releases include the return of Rocket Robinson from Dark Horse Comics with The Secret of the Saint. DC Comics sends the DC Super Hero Girls on The Search for Atlantis while Graphix continues the adventures of Emily and Navin in Amulet Volume 8: Supernova. The List: AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY PRODUCTIONS Underdog […]

Preview: ‘Looney Tunes’ #245


More previews! In Looney Tunes #245, Road Runner is in a wheelchair, but Speedy Gonzales lends a hand: When a hurt foot puts the brakes on the Road Runner, the Coyote finally has the upper hand. Enter Speedy Gonzales, ready to give his fellow speedster a lift! The comic is out on September 26. Enjoy!

Preview: ‘Scooby-Doo Team-Up’ #42


It’s primates, primates, primates in Scooby-Doo Team-Up #42: Faced with the combined forces of simian menaces like Gorilla Grodd, the Ultra-Humanite and Monsieur Mallah, Scooby and the gang team up with DC’s greatest ape heroes: Congorilla, Sam Simeon and Detective Chimp! But when things take a turn for the monstrous, can even our heroes save […]

Preview: ‘World Of Archie Jumbo Comics Digest’ #82


I’m kicking off fall with hot cider and a trip to the country—but Archie is already trying on his Halloween mask in the brand-new lead story of World of Archie Jumbo Comics Digest #82, and it’s not going well. Check out our exclusive preview, along with samples of some older stories, and check out the […]

This Week’s Comic: Things are Getting Creepy

Over the Garden Wall Hollow Town 1

Highlights from this week’s new releases include the next arc in Disney’s W.I.T.C.H. series with Volume 1-3 of Part 4 Trial of the Oracle. Marvel Comics introduces Captain Marvel before her big screen debut with Marvel Superhero Adventures Captain Marvel First Day of School, while Yen Press continues the adventures of Hanada and Naru with […]

Review: ‘Trees: Kings of the Forest’

Science Comics Trees header

Science Comics: Trees: Kings of the Forest Writer/artist: Andy Hirsch First Second; $12.99 Ask any group of little kids what they want to be when they grow up, and chances are none of them will answer that they want to be a tree. Not only would it be impossible for a human child to grow […]

This Is Not a Taco—It’s an Interview!

This Is a Taco

“Kids, remember: If you want tacos in your story, then YOU make sure there are tacos in your story!” That’s the empowering message of This Is a Taco by Josh Shipley and Andrew Cangelose. In the hybrid comic/picture book, a squirrel takes exception to the narration and rewrites his own story so it has more tacos […]

Preview: ‘B&V Friends Jumbo Comics Digest’ #264


Time for another Archie preview! In the brand-new lead story of B&V Friends Jumbo Comics Digest #264, Veronica is the cold-hearted Snow Queen. The digest also gathers up some fall-flavored stories from years gone by. It goes on sale on September 19. Enjoy!

This Week’s Comics: It’s All Fun and Games

Hocus and Pocus 1 header

Highlights from this week’s new releases includes Dial Books’ latest entry into their Ordinary People Change the World series with I Am Neil Armstrong. First Second releases the final volume of Faith Erin Hicks’ The Nameless City trilogy with The Divided Earth, while Viz Media continues to follow the gaming battles of the Inklings in […]