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Review: Biographical Comics series

Snow Wildsmith

Teachers, librarians, and parents are always looking for engaging biographies to hand to children. That is why it isn’t surprising that manga publisher VIZ has decided to release a series of biographies originally published by Shogakukan. Whether or not children will enjoy them enough to look for more biographies and/or more information on the subjects [...]

Review: Young Miss Holmes, casebook 1-2

Snow Wildsmith

Christie wants to be just like her uncle, but when your uncle is Sherlock Holmes, that is a difficult thing to achieve. But Christie is smart and hardworking, so at the age of ten, she’s already the equal of any student at Oxford or Cambridge—at least in science and classics. When it comes to proper [...]

Tokyopop to publish Hetalia: Axis Powers… again

Katherine Dacey

In May 2011, Tokyopop shuttered its North American publishing operations, leaving dozens of manga in licensing purgatory. Among the most popular of these unfinished series was Hetalia: Axis Powers. The series’ premise is simple: all the countries of Western Europe are reimagined as cute teenage boys, each of whom behaves according to national stereotypes (e.g. [...]

Great Graphic Novels for Kids

Eva Volin
Beauty and the Squat Bears

Last year at about this time, the GC4K gang got together and presented a few workshops and wrote an article on collecting graphic novels in libraries. Since our focus is on comics for kids, so were our presentations – our hope being to convince reluctant librarians and teachers that comics have a place in collections and [...]

Review: Witch & Wizard

Esther Keller

Sometimes, I feel like my students are slow to catch onto fads. The Witch & Wizard series by James Patterson has been around for some time in novel form, but it’s only this year that the series has become a hot – something everyone wants to check out. So the addition of two graphic novel series to this franchise will only excite already devoted readers.

Warriors manga live on… for now

Brigid Alverson
Warriors 1 and 2

When the manga publisher Tokyopop closed its doors last year, many readers were left without the end of their favorite series. Fans of the Warriors graphic novels, based on Erin Hunter’s prose novels about cats living in clans, have been spared that fate, however: The books were produced under a joint agreement with HarperCollins, which [...]

Links: The politics of Archie, Vertical picks up new manga

Brigid Alverson

Is Archie comics pushing a liberal agenda? An editorial at Comic Booked says yes, but a more articulate rebuttal by T Campbell points out the true agenda of Archie Comics: To make money, something that brings people of different political stripes together. I interviewed Archie writer Alex Segura at Robot 6, and he also was [...]

Vertical licensing news

Katherine Dacey

At this weekend’s MangaNEXT convention, Vertical, Inc. announced that it would be adding two new manga to its 2012 line-up. The first is The Limit, a shojo drama about a group of girls whose lives are turned upside down by a terrifying event on a school trip. Creator Keiko Suenobu is no stranger to dark [...]

Review: Wandering Son, vol. 2

Snow Wildsmith
Wandering Son 2

Shuichi, a young boy who is beginning to accept that he dreams of being a girl, and Yoshino, his friend who longs to change from a girl to a boy, are now in sixth grade. Their last year of elementary school seems likely to be as challenging—in both good and bad ways—as their fifth grade [...]

Review: Bloody Monday, Vol. 1

Snow Wildsmith

Takagi may look like an ordinary slacker high-school student, but he’s actually a computer genius who hacks-for-justice under the name Falcon. When Takagi’s father, deputy chief of a super-secret branch of Japanese Intelligence dedicated to preventing terrorism, is framed for murder, Takagi becomes caught up in an international conspiracy. The Falcon must act quickly to [...]