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Archie dies—but only in ‘Life With Archie’

Brigid Alverson

The Archie Comics folks have grown increasingly bold over the last few years, and yesterday they dropped the biggest bombshell of all: They are killing off their flagship character. A bit of explanation is in order here: Archie Andrews will continue to live his normal life in the regular Archie comics and digests—those will not [...]

Links: Nathan Hale, Kazu Kibuishi, and the Archie brass talk comics!

Brigid Alverson
Nathan Hale Trenches

Nathan Hale talks about the research he does for his Hazardous Tales graphic novels, which despite the humor are accurate retellings of incidents in American history. They’re not your father’s Archie Comics any more, and Archie CEO Jon Goldwater talks about the changes he has made since he started with the company in 2010, including [...]

Links: Snoopy returns to the moon

Brigid Alverson
The Beagle Has Landed

Artist and co-writer Vicki Scott talks about working on the latest Peanuts original graphic novel, The Beagle Has Landed, in which Snoopy takes a trip to the moon. There’s a preview at the link as well. Right here at SLJ, Marvel Comics editor Sana Amanat talks about why she created Kamala Khan, the Muslim teenager [...]

March, Relish win awards at ALA Midwinter

Brigid Alverson

As has often been the case in recent years, there were several graphic novels on the list of honorees at the American Library Association Midwinter Meeting, which took place in Philadelphia this year. March, Book One, the graphic-novel memoir of Congressman John Lewis’s involvement in the Civil Rights movement, was named a Coretta Scott King [...]

Links: Buzz, Archie, and My Little Pony

Brigid Alverson

Ananth Panagirya and Tessa Stone talk about their new graphic novel Buzz, a badass Street Fighter-type story about … spelling bees. Archie Comics is teaming up with Toys for Tots this holiday season, and by “teaming up” I don’t just mean promoting them in the comics (although that’s happening too): The publisher has donated over [...]

Links: Stan Lee’s newest superhero

Brigid Alverson

Metro UK takes a look at Chakra the Invincible, a new superhero character created by Stan Lee (of Spider-Man fame). Chakra is a 14-year-old “tech whiz” who gets his superpowers from a special suit; he has already starred in an animated cartoon and mobile apps in India, and his print comic will debut in India [...]

Links: Scooby Doo teams up with Batman

Brigid Alverson

DC is launching a new series, Scooby-Doo Team Up!, and here’s the backstory: When DC editor Kristy Quinn asked writer Sholly Fisch to pitch ideas for a Scooby Doo-meets-Batman one-shot, he sent in six, figuring they would pick one—but they gave him a mini-series instead, and decided to extend the crossovers beyond Batman to other [...]

Links: Movie Time!

Brigid Alverson
Princess Ugg

Courtney Crumrin creator Ted Naifeh talks about his new series, Princess Ugg, about a barbarian princess at a posh finishing school: “So it’s a fish out of water story in a fantasy setting,” he told CBR. “I thought it’d be fun to mash up sword and sorcery fantasy with the more mainstream Disney-style fantasy.” Here’s [...]

NYCC: Disney Announces Space Mountain Graphic Novel

Brigid Alverson
This was the poster that was being given away at the Disney booth.

Word had already gotten out that Disney has a Space Mountain graphic novel in the works, but they filled in a lot more details at New York Comic Con last weekend. The book is due out in May 2014, and the Disney folks were handing out the poster above to promote it. Here’s the blurb [...]

Links: What to expect this autumn

Brigid Alverson
Harry Potter

Graphic Novel Reporter has published their Fall Graphic Novel Roundup; check out their picks for kids, teens, and adults. Kazu Kibuishi talked to CBR about designing the covers for the new editions of the Harry Potter series. Gene Luen Yang has been making the rounds of the blogs lately, promoting his new book, Boxers & [...]