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Links: Itty Bitty Hellboy and zombie Archie

Brigid Alverson
Scribblenauts Unmasked 1

Josh Elder, the writer of Mail Order Ninja, is writing a Scribblenauts digital comic (based on the game) for DC. Elder is known to many in the kids’ comics community as the driving force behind Reading With Pictures as well as the account manager for iVerse’s digital comics service for libraries, Comics Plus: Library Edition. [...]

Links: More Jellaby, more Wimpy Kid

Brigid Alverson
Wimpy Kid Hard Luck

Abrams has revealed the cover of the latest Wimpy Kid book, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Hard Luck. It’s going to be a sort of electric green. Hit the link to see a very short trailer and download your own Wimpy Kid computer wallpaper. This is the eighth book in the series, for those who [...]

Interview: Edith Donnell on this weekend’s Kids Read Comics event

Mike Pawuk

I’m chatting today with Edith Donnell, the Youth/Teen Librarian for the Chelsea District Library. For the last five years she has been one of the driving forces behind the all-ages Kids Read Comics event, which is held at the Ann Arbor District Library – 343 S 5th Avenue in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This year the [...]

Links: Archie goes to the movies!

Brigid Alverson
Adventure Time 1

ICv2 has the BookScan graphic novel numbers for May, which tell us, among other things, that manga is not yet dead, since Naruto topped the chart and Sailor Moon was in fourth place. BookScan measures book sales in retail bookstores and also includes online retailers such as Amazon. Meanwhile, Playing with Fire, the first Adventure [...]

Links: Kevin Keller’s first kiss

Brigid Alverson

Archie Comics’ openly gay character Kevin Keller gets his first kiss in August—and provokes the ire of a Riverdale mom, whose reaction Veronica catches on video. Archie writer and artist Dan Parent discusses the storyline at USA Today, and Archie co-CEO Jon Goldwater notes that the remarkable thing about Kevin’s kiss is not that he [...]

Links: A Flurry of First Second books

Brigid Alverson
Astronaut Academy Re-Entry

Dave Roman discusses his new release, Astronaut Academy: Re-Entry, the sequel to his first Astronaut Academy book. Here’s a sample to get you started: I pitched “Astronaut Academy” to First Second as two books, because a futuristic space station school is filled with endless possibilities. Book 1 establishes a world where people (like characters in [...]

Links: Aw Yeah! Comics goes digital

Brigid Alverson
Aw Yeah Comics

It’s been a while since we have done one of these, so there’s quite a bit to read here. Let’s start with two stories I had a hand in: I talked to Uglydolls co-creator David Horvath and artist Ian McGinty about Uglydolls in general and the comic version they are producing for Viz, and I [...]

Links: Viz announces Ben 10 graphic novels; Archie meets Glee

Brigid Alverson
Ben10Omniverse-GN01_Cover (1)

Viz Media has launched a kid-oriented comics app, sticky DOT comics, which features a slew of Pokemon manga as well as their Voltron Force, Redekai, and Mameshiba graphic novels; Mr. Men and Little Miss are on the way as well. And they had another big announcement as well: They will publish a line of original [...]

Cartoon Network Comes to Your LCS via IDW!

Lori Henderson

IDW Publishing and Cartoon Network Enterprises announced today that the two companies have teamed up to produce and release comics based on Cartoon Network’s many popular and classic characters. This year will see the return of characters from such classic shows as The Powerpuff Girls, Dexter’s Laboratory, Samurai Jack, Johnny Bravo, Generator Rex, Ben 10 [...]

Our Top 5 Comics Highlights of ALA Midwinter

Robin Brenner

From those of us who attend ALA Midwinter in Seattle, here are our top five comics related highlights of the conference! Listening to the roar of approval when Raina Telgemeier’s Drama was announced as a Stonewall honor book!  I believe the title’s selection was a bit of a surprise to everyone, not in that the [...]