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Monthly mini-reviews: ‘All My Friends Are Ghosts’, ‘Aster and the Accidental Magic’, and ‘Snoopy: First Beagle In Space’

One young girl discovers a middle school for ghosts, another discovers a mountain valley full of magical adventure, and a certain comic strip beagle wants to be the first dog in space in in these short reviews of recent comics.

Review: Banned Book Club

Esther tries something new with a look at ‘Banned Book Club,’ the story of a group of college students in South Korea who are determined to read books banned by their autocratic government.

Review: ‘Transformers: The Manga’ Vol. 1

Viz presents the Transformers’ original Japanese comics appearances from the 1980s in a surprisingly age-less all-ages collection.

Review: ‘Batman: Overdrive’

Before he was Batman, Bruce Wayne was a teenager trying to restore his late father’s broken down muscle car in Shea Fontana and Marcelo Di Chiara’s ‘Batman: Overdrive,’ a refreshing overhaul of Batman’s origin story.

Review: Dragon Hoops

Book Cover

Gene Yuen Lang’s ‘Dragon Hoops’ was getting a lot of buzz even before it was published, and Esther tells us why!

Review: 5 Worlds The Read Maze

The third volume of this series amps up the adventure while continuing the meticulous world-building of the previous volumes.

Review: Drew and Jot: Dueling Doodles

Two boys create their own superhero fantasy world in this comic that tells a story on several levels.

Monthly mini-reviews: ‘Aero’, ‘Bug Boys’, ‘Star Wars’ and more

A Chinese Marvel hero, a new Green Lantern and a couple of friendly beetles make their comics debut, Star Wars adventures are told in a variety of styles in a pair of anthologies, and Superman finishes smashing the Klan in these short reviews of recent comics.

Books in Brief: It’s Not Halloween…

Book Cover

Short takes on three middle-grade books with a supernatural flair.

Review: ‘The Runaway Princess’

Princess Robin is on the run, and if she’s going to navigate all the difficulties and dangers cartoonist Johan Troïanowski has created for her in ‘Runaway Princess,’ she’s going to need the reader’s help.