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Roundtable: Superman Family Adventures RIP

Michael May
Superman Family Adventures #1

The cancellation of Superman Family Adventures, yet another critically-praised superhero comic that DC won’t be publishing anymore, has us pretty riled up. We figured that we could vent about it or offer some constructive suggestions for DC and Marvel’s future kids comics, so we decided to do both. Have you been reading Superman Family Adventures? What did you [...]

Roundtable: Our favorite holiday graphic novels

Brigid Alverson

With the air filled with holiday tunes and the TV schedule filled with holiday specials, we thought it would be an opportune time to recommend some of our favorite holiday-themed graphic novels as well. I’ll start with Craig Yoe’s Great Treasury of Christmas Comic Book Stories. I love a big, colorful treasury like this, and [...]

The Good Comics for Kids 2012 Gift Guide

Brigid Alverson
Donald Duck Lost in the Andes

It’s holiday time, and our bloggers have you covered with suggestions for everything from stocking stuffers to gifts for nieces and nephews to that One Big Thing you know the comics fan in your life would like. I’ll start things off with some ideas for books that really feel like something special. When I was [...]

Discussion: The Sidescrollers controversy

Brigid Alverson

Last week, a Connecticut mother objected to the inclusion of Matt Loux’s Sidescrollers on a summer reading list for incoming high school freshmen. Loux responded in an interview with the local Fox affiliate. The book, which was published in 2006, revolves around the hijinks of three recent high school graduates who team up to thwart [...]

Roundtable: What we’re going to be reading this weekend

Brigid Alverson

The last long weekend of summer looms before us, and the Good Comics for Kids gang are going to be spending it wisely—by reading comics. We have lots of summer releases and advance copies of fall books, so here’s what we will be reading—chime in in comments to let us know what’s on your stack [...]

Roundtable: Celebrating the Fourth

Brigid Alverson

Independence Day is an excuse for fireworks and barbecues, but it’s also a good opportunity to think about how our nation was formed and evolved. With that in mind, the Good Comics for Kids bloggers decided to have a conversation about our favorite graphic novels about American history—and there’s a surprisingly strong selection to choose [...]

Roundtable: Our favorite Halloween stories

Brigid Alverson

Since today is Halloween, we thought we would propose some treats—our favorite scary graphic novels, both classics and new releases. Brigid: Anya’s Ghost is a ghost story that is a good read any time of the year. The horror isn’t just tacked on to this coming-of-age story, it’s woven into the plot. A disaffected teenager [...]

Roundtable: Americus

Esther Keller

Each year the American Library Association sets one week aside to celebrate the freedom to read which has become known as Banned Books Week. Librarians are often at the forefront of censorship battles. But they are not the only ones affected. Most often it is children and ordinary citizens that suffer when their freedom to read is compromised. This year, just in time for Banned Books Week, First Second Publishers released a graphic novel that grapples with these topics. Originally serialized at Americus is now a published graphic novel .