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Review: ‘Stepping Stones’

Comics memoirist Lucy Knisley’s successfully conquers a new genre in ‘Stepping Stones,’ her first graphic novel for kids, Protagonist Jen struggles adjusting to a new life in a new place with a new family, facing frustrations that will feel familiar to any kid…or anyone who used to be a kid.

This Week’s Comics: Vote Weirn

Check out the many new releases this week in comics, manga, and graphic novels and featuring titles from Abrams Comicarts and JY.

Interview: ‘Primer’

Jennifer Mura and Thomas Krajewski, the writers of ‘Primer,’ explain how they created a brand-new superhero from scratch.

Preview: ‘Primer’

DC’s newest superhero gets her powers in our preview of ‘Primer,’ a new middle-grade graphic novel that’s coming out next week.

Review: Two Trips with Mouse

Johanna goes to the extremes today, with reviews of two TOON books for early readers: ‘A Trip to the Bottom of the World with Mouse’ and the Eisner Award-nominated ‘A Trip to the Top of the Volcano with Mouse.’

This Week’s Comics: Mythic Pokémon

Check this week’s list of new and catchup releases from Diamond Distributors, featuring titles from Papercutz and Viz Media.

Review: ‘Persona 5,’ Volumes 1-2

The popular JRPG video game gets a manga adaptation that allows non-players to enjoy the characters and story.

Review: ‘The Lost Carnival’

Before he became Batman’s Boy Wonder, Dick Grayson was a circus acrobat having adventures of his own in Michael Moreci and Sas Milledge’s ‘The Lost Carnival.’

This Week’s Comics: Cub Not Afraid of Everything

Check out this week’s short new comics and manga releases featuring titles from Algonquin Young Readers and IDW Publishing.

Review: Twins

book cover

Twins love each other fiercely, but they also want to be separate beings.