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Review: White Bird

book cover

R.J. Palacio’s ‘White Bird’ needs to be read, says Esther Keller, and it’s a natural pick for fans of her novel ‘Wonder’

Preview: ‘Stranger Things: Zombie Boys’

We have an interesting preview for you this morning. The Netflix series Stranger Things has been a huge hit, and Dark Horse has produced an all-ages graphic novel spinning off from it. Stranger Things: Zombie Boys, which will be out on January 22, takes place after season one and follows Mike, Lucas, Dustin, and Will […]

This Week’s Comics: Using Your Noodle

Check out this week’s new releases in comics and manga featuring savvy sophomores and nutty noodles with releases from First Second and Holiday House.

Preview: ‘Betty & Veronica Friends Jumbo Comics Digest’ #277

We’re winding up the holidays with a winter-themed preview of Betty & Veronica Friends Jumbo Comics Digest #277, featuring a look at the brand-new story in the classic style and a complete older story by the late Stan Goldberg, an Archie stalwart for many years. The digest goes on sale on Wednesday. Enjoy!

Review: Artemis Fowl

My 5th grader read this and was begging me for the next installment.

Review: I Survived. The Graphic Novel

I Survived Book Cover

I have a confession to make. I have not read any of the I Survived series. In fact, for a very long time, I resisted buying them for my library, because I thought they were young a little young for middle school. But I caved due to the number of students asking if we had the series. If they asked for it, I thought it would be a good idea to have it. Today, there are many joyous faces when the students find a copy on the library shelves. So when I heard there was a graphic novel adaptation and then got my very own preview, I was thrilled to get a taste of the book.

This Week’s Comics: Science-Ham

Check out this week’s new releases in comics and manga featuring super scientists and spider-hams, with picks from Bedside Press and Marvel Comics.

Preview: ‘Archie Milestones Jumbo Comics Digest #6’

The Archie gang enjoys their holiday gifts, from games to a disappearing magic set, in this week’s preview.

Abby Howard on ‘Mammal Takeover’ and her ‘Earth Before Us’ trilogy

With Mammal Takeover, the third and final installment of Abby Howard’s Earth Before Us series, the cartoonist (and her in-story alter ego) have given readers (and their stand-in Ronnie) a brief but complete history of life on Earth. We spoke with Howard about the creation of the series, and the challenges of this particular installment.

Review: ‘The Okay Witch’

Moth Hush never felt like she fit in, and now she’s just discovered one reason why that might be: She’s descended from a line of powerful witches. Moth must learn what to do with that information in Emma Steinkellner’s better-than-okay first graphic novel as writer and artist.