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Preview: Kevin Keller Becomes a Superhero

Brigid Alverson

Kevin Keller, the first openly gay character in the Archie Comics universe, takes on a new role in issue #14 of his eponymous comic when he stops a crime… and becomes a superhero. As we noted when the news broke earlier this year, Kevin doesn’t have superpowers; like Batman, he’s an ordinary guy who works [...]

Preview: Archie #657 (Archie Learns Windsurfing)

Brigid Alverson

It’s summer, time for Archie Comics to bust out the beach stories! In this month’s issue of Archie, Veronica takes up windsurfing and Archie decides to join her, with predictably hilarious results. Check out our preview, including the variant cover by the Tiny Titans team of Art Baltazar and Franco, and pick up the full [...]

Review: Archie #656

J. Caleb Mozzocco
Archie 656

Archie #656 Written by Dan Parent Drawn by Dan Parent and Rich Koslowski Archie Comics; $2.99 Archie Comics scored a good deal of press for this issue—including here at GC4K—as it introduced a new arrival into Riverdale, Veronica’s successful, fashionable cousin Harper. Why the interest? Well, Harper is disabled and must spend most of her [...]

Preview: Archie’s Even Funnier Kids’ Joke Book

Brigid Alverson

What’s funnier than Archie’s Joke Book? Archie’s Even Funnier Joke Book! Like its predecessors, this fat (almost 200 pages) book focuses on one-page gags, jokes, and puzzles, all featuring the Riverdale crowd. It’s a nice diversion and would be a great holiday gift. Here’s a sneak peek; it’s out in comics shops today and bookstores [...]

Preview: Archie Double Digest #242

Brigid Alverson

It’s Archie time! Here’s a preview of Archie Double Digest #242, which will be out in comics shops tomorrow and in the rest of the world two weeks later. The catalog information is after the preview. Enjoy! ARCHIE DOUBLE DIGEST #242 When Archie has to make some quick cash to compensate for an accident he [...]

Cover reveal: World of Archie Double Digest #33

Brigid Alverson

Here’s an exclusive sneak peek at the cover of World of Archie Double Digest #33, which is due out in October. Cvoer artists George Frese and Tito Peña keep it simple in this startlingly iconic cover, in which Archie’s hair expands to fill the universe, but no doubt the interior will be crammed full of [...]

Cover Reveal: Archie’s Even Funnier Kids’ Joke Book

Brigid Alverson
Archie Joke Book 2

If you liked Archie’s Giant Kids’ Joke Book, well, we have good news for you: Archie’s Even Funnier Kids’ Joke Book will be out in October, and we have the first look at the cover, as well as all the solicit information. Read on! ARCHIE’S EVEN FUNNIER KIDS’ JOKE BOOK Get ready for even more [...]

Preview: Jughead Double Digest #192

Brigid Alverson

Our next preview is Jughead Double Digest #192. If you follow my Archie writings at all, you already know that Jughead is my favorite character, and the Jughead comics are my favorite Archie series; I think the writing just has that extra spark. Jughead is on hiatus at the moment but I hope it comes [...]

Preview: Archie and Friends Double Digest #27

Brigid Alverson

Ready for some Archie goodness? We have a double preview for you to enjoy on this lazy Sunday. First up is Archie and Friends Double Digest #27, which goes on sale next week in comics shops, a little later in other venues. Here’s the solicit information: Abracadabra! Magician extraordinaire, the Illustrious Salustri, is coming to [...]

Preview: Archie Double Digest #239

Brigid Alverson

We’ve got a quick hit of Archie goodness for you today! Here’s the solicit information: Archie Double Digest #239 Archie drops by Chuck’s and discovers the artist at work on some portraits of the gang. Using Chuck’s skills to his advantage, Archie stumbles upon the key to getting into any girl’s good graces by presenting [...]