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More BEA Highlights

Esther Keller
big nate out loud

I had a hard time navigating the BEA site before the show and only found one session related to Graphic Novels. (I know there had to be more, but I really couldn’t find them.) Luckily, I did find a session moderated by John Hogan

BEA Highlights – Part I

Esther Keller
around the world

Now, while Book Expo is not regulated to comics, you couldn’t go up and down the exhibit hall and not find out about comics. So here are some of the comics and graphic novels that caught my eyes.

Hot Fall Graphic Novels for Libraries at BEA

Eva Volin

For those of you who haven’t had the chance to attend a book industry trade show, a Buzz Panel is when a bunch of publisher representatives gather together to present to the masses the books they feel are the very best their publishing houses have to offer in the coming season.  They can be fun, [...]