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GC4K Book Club: Ghostopolis

Cover art for Ghostopolis

I’ve read other books by Doug TenNapel and always enjoyed the read.  Monster Zoo was a hit with the Great Graphic Novels for Teens committee a few years ago and I also really liked Flink and Black Cherry (for adult readers).  So I was excited when Ghostopolis arrived on my doorstep.  A book about a […]

GC4K Book Club: Twin Spica

Every librarian who does readers advisory has a handful of go-to books at the ready for those kids who don’t like anything or have already read everything.  These are slam dunk, home run, money back guarantee books that turn you into a hero in the eyes of happy readers. For me, Orson Scott Card’s book […]

GC4K Book Club: Foiled

I confess, I felt equal parts hope and trepidation when I first heard about Foiled, by Jane Yolen.  I was hopeful that Ms. Yolen, who has successfully written pretty much every other kind of book, would be a successful writer of graphic novels as well.  I felt trepidatious because … well … what if she […]

GC4K Book Club: Calamity Jack

Long-time Good Comics for Kids readers (and anyone who has come within spitting distance of me, for that matter) know how much I love Rapunzel’s Revenge, by Shannon and Dean Hale and Nathan Hale. Its combination of fairytale retelling, kick-ass heroine, and Wild West setting worked perfectly for me and has become a favorite in […]

GC4K Book Club: Smile

I have literally just returned from the dentist where she installed a temporary crown over what used to be my tooth.  With half of my face still numb from the Novocain, could there be a better time to discuss Raina Telgemeier’s new book, Smile? Joining me for this month’s Good Comics for Kids Book Club […]

GC4K Book Club: Zeus: King of the Gods

One of the things I love most about finishing books is having the chance to talk about them with other people who have read (and finished) the same book.  It’s even better when I have the chance to discuss books with people who read with their brains engaged. (You may not realize how rare this […]