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Good manga for kids, June 2010


This month’s column marks a sad milestone: the last time I’ll be writing about a new or recent kid-friendly title from CMX. Throughout its six-year existence, CMX licensed a variety of titles for readers in the eight-to-twelve range. And while some of these titles bordered on the insipid, many were excellent, offering kids age-appropriate stories […]

The GC4K Guide to CMX Manga

The demise of CMX was a real blow to librarians who work with pre-teen and young teen readers, as CMX published a lot of terrific series for kids in this underserved 8-to-13 age group. As my colleague Robin Brenner noted last week, other companies may be publishing material for teens, but series like Black Bird […]

Manga Moveable Feast: Emma

The Manga Moveable Feast started a month ago, when a bunch of manga bloggers who Twitter back and forth to each other all agreed to read and review the same book.  This month the book on the examination table is Kaoru Mori’s series Emma.   At the time Emma was named as one of 2008’s […]

Review: SUIHELIBE!, Vol. 1

Visit the graphic novel aisle at Borders or Barnes and Noble, and you’ll realize that there are plenty of manga for teens and adults, but almost none for younger readers. The few companies licensing all-ages titles generally favor established franchises like Pokemon and Disney’s Kingdom Hearts, on the assumption that TV shows, video games, and […]