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Review: Olympian: Poseidon: Earth Shaker

Lori Henderson
Olympians Poseidon

Poseidon, the mysterious and unpredictable King of the Seas, is the subject of the newest volume of George O’Connor’s Olympians. In his own words, Poseidon tells his tale of how he came to rule the seas, his role in the founding of Athens, and stories of his sons. But like his watery domain, Poseidon does [...]

The Reading Pile – May 23

Katherine Dacey

The Reading Pile is back this week with an eclectic assortment of titles that run the gamut from video-game tie-ins (Mega Man) to fairy-tale spoofs (Beauty and the Squat Bears) to sports manga (Cross Game). As always, we encourage you to join the discussion by telling us what kid- and teen-friendly titles are on your [...]