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Interview: James Kochalka on the Glorkian Warrior—and more

Brigid Alverson
Kochalka at MoCCA

James Kochalka’s latest graphic novel, The Glorkian Warrior Delivers a Pizza, is deceptively simple and ridiculously funny. The story of a goofy spaceman on a crazy mission (accompanied by his talking backpack), it is longer than Kochalka’s Johnny Boo and Dragon Puncher graphic novels, which just allows more craziness to pile up as the story [...]

Interview: Dave McDonald

Esther Keller

When Janna Morishima, formerly of Graphix and Papercutz comics, introduced me to Hamster S.A.M., she described it as a “outrageously silly, slapstick humor” that any emerging reader will enjoy.  And her take on the comic is very accurate.  Hamster S.A.M. is a delightful read.  To hear more about this self-published comic, which you may have [...]

All ages comics and manga for 5/16/12

Lori Henderson

Grab some great graphic novels this week! Action Lab Entertainment collects its critically acclaimed series Princeless, while Graphic Universe releases the next volume of Miss Annie. If you prefer your comics in the floppy format, then don’t miss the newest issues of Sonic Universe and Adventure Time, but don’t pass up this week’s picks! The [...]

Interview: Faith Erin Hicks on Friends With Boys

Eva Volin
Friends With Boys, by Faith Erin Hicks

I’ve been a fan of Faith Erin Hicks‘s books since my stint on Great Graphic Novels for Teens when the committee championed her book War at Ellsmere. We loved the story of two friends at boarding school and shared our surprise at the supernatural twist at the end. (We had a lot of fun discussing [...]

Interview: Carla Jablonski

Esther Keller

It was sometime last year that Resistance by Carla Jablonski landed in my mailbox. To be honest, I fell into the old cliché… don’t judge a book by its cover. I just didn’t want to read it. For whatever reason, this didn’t appeal. I’m so glad I got over myself, because I would have missed a fabulous story. Then to my delight, I found out that Resistance wasn’t a one volume story. It was slated to be a trilogy. Part 2, Defiance, was released in July.

All ages comics and manga for 6/15/11

Lori Henderson
Dusk Society

Father’s Day is just around the corner, so what better way for kids to spend it with Dad than to share some comics with him! Dad can enjoy the antics of fellow Donut-loving Dad Homer in the latest issue of Simpson Comics from Bongo Comics. Or he can relive some childhood memories with Mickey Mouse [...]

All ages comics and manga for 6/8/11

Lori Henderson

Ready to gobble up some good comics and manga for kids? There’s plenty this week! Viz continues their releases from the Pokemon franchise including the new Platinum series. Zenescope, a publisher very new to the all ages section has a book about one of kids’ favorite topic, Dinosaurs! If you prefer your adventures under the [...]

More BEA Highlights

Esther Keller
big nate out loud

I had a hard time navigating the BEA site before the show and only found one session related to Graphic Novels. (I know there had to be more, but I really couldn’t find them.) Luckily, I did find a session moderated by John Hogan

All ages comics and manga for 5/25/11

Lori Henderson

It’s a little of this, and a little of that as publishers release titles just in time for summer vacation, and parents are in need of distraction for their kids getting out of school. Bongo Comics has a new Summer Shindig with the Simpsons. DC Comics has a new trade of the popular Batman: The [...]

BEA Highlights – Part I

Esther Keller
around the world

Now, while Book Expo is not regulated to comics, you couldn’t go up and down the exhibit hall and not find out about comics. So here are some of the comics and graphic novels that caught my eyes.