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Review: ‘Chavo the Invisible’

Chavo the Invisible Writer: Lee Nordling Artist: Flavio Silva Lerner Publishing; $6.99 Chavo the Invisible is the third installment of writer Lee Nordling’s “Game For Adventure” series of wordless mini-graphic novels, following Andrew the Seeker and Belinda the Unbeatable. It’s his first with artist Flavio Silva, as Patty Cake‘s Scott Roberts drew the two previous […]

This Week’s Comics: Sweet Arctic Home

Prepare to bid summer farewell with some of this week’s new releases. Archie Comics takes you behind the looking glass into “Mirrordale” in Archie #647. Papercutz releases the third volume of that freaky fruit Annoying Orange, and Viz Media has a slew of media tie-ins including the new series Max Steel. The List: ARCHAIA ENTERTAINMENT […]

Review: Graphic Mystery #5: The Ancient Formula

The Manga Math mysteries attempts to teach a math concept with real world applications within a story told in comic form.

Links: Archie goes to Bollywood

Did you know that Riverdale’s favorite teen is big in India? CNN takes a closer look at a new Archie story line that transplants the gang from their home turf to Mumbai, where their friend Raj Patel is recruited to direct a movie. Though reporter Jhilmil Motihar is critical of the project, likening it to […]

Review: Guinea Pig: Pet Shop Private Eye, No. 4: Fish You Were Here

When the kind but chronically confused Mr. Venezi places a help wanted ad in the paper, the animals at Venezi’s Pet & Supply begin to fret: one candidate smells like soup, while another refuses to work with cute critters. The pets are relieved when Mr. Venezi hires Viola, a smart, stylish ninth grader who seems […]

Review: Twisted Journeys, No. 17: Detective Frankenstein

The first Choose Your Own Adventure novel was published in 1976 by Vermont Crossroads Press. Though Sugarcane Island sold only 8,000 copies, author Edward Packard was convinced that interactive novels could be a big hit with proper marketing and distribution, and spent four years shopping the concept to major publishers. In 1980, he signed an […]