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Preview: Geronimo Stilton: The First Samurai

Brigid Alverson

Geronimo Stilton meets Akira Kurasawa in Geronimo Stilton: The First Samurai, the 12th volume of the time-traveling mouse’s adventures in graphic novel form. In this story, the Pirate Cats travel back to 1603 Japan, and Geronimo and his troupe follow, impersonating a traveling band of actors, to find out what they are up to. Good [...]

Links: Viz announces Ben 10 graphic novels; Archie meets Glee

Brigid Alverson
Ben10Omniverse-GN01_Cover (1)

Viz Media has launched a kid-oriented comics app, sticky DOT comics, which features a slew of Pokemon manga as well as their Voltron Force, Redekai, and Mameshiba graphic novels; Mr. Men and Little Miss are on the way as well. And they had another big announcement as well: They will publish a line of original [...]

Preview: Dance Class, vol. 4: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Paris

Brigid Alverson

Let’s kick off our Tuesday with a preview of Dance Class vol. 4: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Paris. You don’t have to have read the earlier volumes to get the idea: It’s a lively slice-of-life story about three friends who are in dance class together. In this volume, they are training [...]

Review: The Baby Smurf

J. Caleb Mozzocco
baby smurf cover

The fourteenth volume of Papercutz’s Smurfs collections introduces a brand-new character into the village, a character who the volume is named after: Baby Smurf. And where, exactly, do baby Smurfs come from? Well, a stork delivers this Baby Smurf, on the night of a blue moon, which cartoonist Peyo’s translated narration assures us is when [...]

Preview: Garfield, vol. 8

Brigid Alverson

Garfield is off to solve a mystery in the latest graphic novel from Papercutz: His food bowl is gone. Oh the humanity! Check out our preview of vol. 8 of Garfield, below, and keep an eye out for the book, which just came out this week.

Preview: Annoying Orange

Brigid Alverson

With a lineup that includes Ninjago, the Three Stooges, and Power Rangers, the Papercutz folks are all about having fun. And what could be more fun than Annoying Orange? Here’s a look at their Annoying Orange graphic novel, due out in stores next week. In case you missed it (easy to do if you’re an [...]

Preview: The Three Stooges, vol. 2

Brigid Alverson

The folks at Papercutz love a good laugh, and who better to provide it than the Three Stooges? Here’s a look at their second volume of new Three Stooges comics, written by George Gladir and Stefan Petrucha and illustrated by Stan Goldberg. Gladir and Goldberg are old Archie hands, while Petrucha writes a number of [...]

All ages comics and manga for 10/17/12

Lori Henderson
Barack Obama Biography

Even though the calendar says it’s autumn, the weather hasn’t gotten the memo. Oni Press is trying to get that chill in the air with the next issue of the spooky Courtney Crumrin ongoing series. Papercutz has some knuckleheads take on a Christmas classic with the second volume of the Three Stooges, and even Marvel [...]

Shark Week Special Preview: Ninjago: Tomb of the Fangpyre

Brigid Alverson

As Shark Week staggers to a close, we have a special treat for GC4K readers: A preview of the latest Ninjago graphic novel from Papercutz, Ninjago: Tomb of the Fangpyre, in which Lego ninjas fight giant sharks. What could be better than that??

SPECIAL PREVIEW: Geronimo Stilton rescues the Olympics

Brigid Alverson

The latest Geronimo Stilton graphic novel, Geronimo Stilton #10: Geronimo Saves the Olympics, jumps right on the Olympics bandwagon with a wacky tale set mostly in the first modern Olympics, which were held in 1896. Geronimo Stilton stories always involve a gang of low-life cats who go back in time and try to change history [...]