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Review: Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Movie Trilogy

Lori Henderson
Pokemon Darkrai

Pokemon is a franchise that has been going strong for nearly 15 years in the US. What started as a video game RPG has become a merchandising empire with a TV series, movies, toys, a trading card game, and comic books and manga. The manga is further split between two continuities; the Pokemon Adventures, Diamond [...]

Review: Twilight, vol. 2

Esther Keller

If you listen to the talk amongst YA librarians, they’ll tell you that the Twilight phenomenon has passed. And for the most part it has. So it makes one wonder how well the 2nd volume of the Twilight graphic novel will do. But there is still a pocket of teens and preteens who are interested in the series.

Review: Papercutz Slices

Esther Keller

Not everyone understands the art of satire and often the humor hurts and well… slices to the core.  Which is exactly what the folks at Papercutz attempted to do. They’ve taken the most popular series and using the sly, wry, and hysterical humor of satire poked fun at today’s pop culture.

Review: Good Vs. Evil

Esther Keller

Deceivingly slim and simple these little comics can be read, understood, and enjoyed in multiple ways.

Review: Page by Paige

Esther Keller
page by paige

Moving to a new city in the middle of high school and mid-year is a challenge for any teen. For Paige Turner it’s an opportunity to discover herself.

Review: Wonderstruck

Esther Keller

Fans of The Invention of Hugo Cabaret have long waited to see what author/illustrator Brian Selznick would do next with his ground breaking format. Could he meet or exceed reader’s expectations? Finally, his latest release has been released and will it receive the same accolades as before

Review: Anya’s Ghost

Esther Keller

Sometimes, when you pick up a book, you aren’t sure what to expect. Is it supposed to be funny, serious, or spooky? Sure, it’s been well reviewed, but what’s it all about and is it really that good? When I finally picked up Anya’s ghost I was surprised to find a mixture of all three and yes, it really is that good.

Review: Dork Diaries: Tales of a Not-So-Talented Pop Star

Esther Keller

Reluctant and avid readers alike will devour the latest installment of the Dork Diaries.  Filled with angst, humor, and terrific cartoon drawings, this latest installment does not disappoint.

Review: Hera

Esther Keller

Finished all the current Rick Riordan books?  Looking for some more Greek Mythology to satiate you or your child’s curiosity?  Then if you haven’t gotten lost in George O’Connor’s Olympian series, it’s only the start of August. There’s still a whole month left to summer vacation, so it isn’t too late!

Review: The Little Prince

Esther Keller

I have a confession to make.  Until this week, I had never read the Little Prince.  I know it seems sacrilege for a librarian to admit she never read a classic, but the title never interested me as a child and as an adult I could never be bothered. Until I agreed to review the adapted graphic novel version.  After reading the first few pages, I knew I had to go back to the original to review this title with justice.