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Review: Chicagoland Detective Agency #5: The Bark in Space


Chicagoland Detective Agency #5: The Bark In Space By Trina Robbins and Tyler Page Lerner Publishing/Graphic Universe; $6.95 Meet the Chicagoland Detective Agency: Megan, tween goth who composes haiku out-loud on the spot, whenever she’s inspired; Raf, teenage genius and part-time employee of his parents’ pet food store; and Bradley, a talking dog. There’s no […]

Review: My Boyfriend is a Monster #7 and #8

he loves me loves me not

Lerner Publishing Group’s My Boyfriend is a Monster series has two popular publishing trends covered: Graphic novels and post-Twilight YA paranormal romance. The series of standalone, black-and-white, hardcover graphic novels by different creative teams all feature fast-paced, rather light melodramas in which a teenage girl falls for a boy who’s not quite human (but close […]