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Win a Newbery in 150 Pages or Less

saving winslow

It’s rare that a fiction title with less that 150 pages gets Newbery recognition. Could there be any short chapter books in the running for the 2019 Medal?

Cardboard Castles and Three-Headed Cats: more graphic novels

cardboard kingdom

Ten people collaborated to create CARDBOARD KINGDOM, an innovative exploration of the powers of imagination; SANITY & TALLULAH mixes humor and science in an outer space mystery. Does either graphic novel have a shot at 2019 Newbery recognition?

Finally, the Finalists!


After many emailed, texted, and phoned conversations, we finally made our choices. In compiling the list, we try to balance between reader support: many of the titles have received strong HM reader support; critical success: winning other awards, making multiple end-of-the-year best lists, etc.; and the HM bloggers’ personal picks: since even one nomination could put a book on the table during the […]

Heavy Medal Committee: Official Call for Participants


Let the excitement mount! As our final nomination round winds down and the discussion of the many”Best Of” lists of the year comes to an end, it’s time to officially call for the Heavy Medal Committee members.  These will be HM readers who are committed to: Read (and re-read) all the 15 (fifteen) titles on our […]

Best Books of the Year Lists

dactyl hill

As we  continue to get December nominations from Heavy Medal readers, it’s also the time of year when we see Best of the Year lists coming out from journals.  So far we’ve seen lists from School Library Journal, Publisher’s Weekly, and Kirkus, as well as the New York Public Library.  Horn Book and Booklist should be […]

December Nominations: Last Chance!


Around this time, Newbery Committee members are sending in their last two official nominations, after having submitted three in October and two in November.  Following that model, it’s time for Heavy Medal readers to do the same: Submit two Newbery-eligible titles in the comments section below. If you have missed either of the two previous […]

Your Favorite Unlikelies & Ineligibles?


It’s that time of the year (almost December!) that avid readers start to realize that some 2018 books we adore are probably either not likely to get much support from the Newbery Committee or they are simply not eligible for consideration.  Here are a few of mine: Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert Why I love it […]

The Chimney Sweep and the Elevator Trade


Though they’re different in many ways, I’m pairing STYX MALONE and SWEEP in this post because I had a similar experience as I read them: I started out thinking I knew what each book was going to be like and was prepared to probably dismiss them as “good, but not great;” then got quickly hooked […]

Louisiana Finds Her Way


Louisiana, a supporting character from DiCamillo’s well loved Raymie Nightingale, tells her stand-alone story from a first person account of the days after she is taken from her Florida home by her granny, losing contact with friends and pets, and discovering that her entire life’s story is a giant lie.She writes in a blend of […]

Blessed with Crests: Poetry Collections

in the past

Several novels in verse have been nominated by Heavy Medal readers so far, including, JAZZ OWLS, LIFEBOAT 12, THE POET X, and REBOUND, but I don’t believe we’ve had any mention so far of poetry collections. Here’s a quick roundup of several that might be worth considering. IN THE PAST by David Elliott. (3 starred […]