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The List of Books That Will Be Discussed: Six titles that will definitely appear on our final Mock Newbery book list

As the announcement of the 2021 Newbery Medal gets closer, here are six books that will definitely be part of the Heavy Medal Mock Newbery discussion and balloting.
The complete Heavy Medal Book List will be announced in a couple weeks, so make sure the books on this “Early Six” list are on your radar.

Is Ryan Hart a Ramona Quimby for the 2020’s? WAYS TO MAKE SUNSHINE enters the Mock Newbery discussion

In WAYS TO MAKE SUNSHINE, Renee Watson “has created a world for young readers that feels both fresh and familiar,” according to Guest Blogger Abbie Digel. Ms. Watson won a Newbery Honor three years ago with a book about a high school student; will she match that achievement with this novel about 4th grader Ryan Clark?

What Did We Miss? Six books that should be in our Mock Newbery conversation

Discussion begins on half a dozen children’s books that have received multiple starred reviews, including a fictionalized account of young Cassius Clay, a memoir set in a Kenyan refugee camp, and an adventure tale of an early Hollywood stunt girl. Could one of these be the next Newbery Medal winner?

The “Early Six”: Creating the list for our Mock Newbery Medal discussion

We’re just 10 week away from the announcement of the 2021 Newbery Award. On Heavy Medal, it’s time to select six sure-fire books to appear on our Mock Newbery discussion list. Share your thoughts about what those six should be, and we’ll complete the list in December.

Hero, Celebrity, and Nazi Supporter: The Newbery Medal Prospects of a Lindbergh Biography

Guest Blogger Olivia Tompkins describes Candace Fleming’s latest biography as “a slow descent into the darkness of Lindbergh’s legacy.” The skilled writing and the insightful perspectives about a fascinating historical figure could lift THE RISE AND FALL OF CHARLES LINDBERGH into Newbery Medal contention.

Moving Up to a Medal?: The Newbery prospects for short chapter books

Though both are just over 100 pages, OUR FRIEND HEDGEHOG and SKUNK AND BADGER are just right for their intended readerships. Does either (or both?) display enough literary excellence to warrant consideration for the Newbery Medal?

A Heroine’s Journey Home: Squirrels, a fox, and a broken family enter the Newbery Medal conversation

“A GAME OF FOX & SQUIRRELS explores the journey of a heroine, one who must learn the true meaning of the word home.” Guest Blogger Meredith Leigh Burton introduces Jenn Reese’s unique novel into our Mock Newbery discussion of the year’s most distinguished children’s books.

Mock-Newbery Nominations List: 43 titles to consider (so far…)

The year’s not over yet, but Heavy Medal readers have identified over 40 contenders for the 2021 Newbery Award. Check out our ranked list of nominations through November.

Show Me a…Newbery Medal? A unique #ownvoices historical novel might have a chance to win

SHOW ME A SIGN “offers offers a beautiful #ownvoice examination of the Deaf community, discussion over the controversy of Native American land disputes, and a touching picture of a young girl finding her place in the world,” writes Guest Blogger Alissa. Will this historical novel set in 1805 emerge as a possible choice for the 2021 Newbery Medal?

Nests Within Nests, Cast Away Trash, and Creatures of the Woods: Poetry Possibilities for the Newbery Medal

Could this be the year that a poetry collection wins the Newbery Medal? It hasn’t happened in three decades, but poets David Elliott, Irene Latham, and Naomi Shihab Nye have each contributed uniquely excellent books that could be contenders.