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Heavy Medal: A Mock Newbery Blog
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So you wanna be a Mock Newbery star?

At this point we’re going to start taking some time to tell you a little bit about how to run your own Mock Newbery, if you’re so inclined.  Of course there are probably an infinite number of ways to go about it and an huge number of ajustments that can be made to the way […]

The Graveyard Book

Yes, he’s British, but the books appears to be eligible, under the "resident" clause: "Resident" specifies that author has established and maintained residence in the United States as distinct from being a casual or occasional visitor." I say "appears to be" because any potential eligibility conflicts are always investigated by the Newbery chair and settled, […]

Back Underneath

Thanks for all the comments on my posting about The Underneath. Several of you responded to my question wondering whether the mythology of Grandmother Moccasin is based in any Caddo oral history, by pointing out that the mythology seems pretty cleary ficitonal, intertwined with various cultures (there’s a lot of mention of selkies and mermaids, […]

Just Not My Thing

I’ve been thinking lately about the great books that fall outside of the genres that I tend to be drawn to.  I often overlook those books all together until forced to give them my attention.  One of the greatest things about a Mock Newbery – whether running it or just attending it – is being […]

Other voices on the Newbery

The fires seem to be abatting over Anita Silvey’s article last week.  As I dropped in on the talkback, here’s a few more sites I found: Another Mock Newbery site, of a self-proclaimed "Obsessed Librarian".  I enjoyed finding this post of hers after last year’s award announcement.  "Residual awards" is another common complaint about the Newbery […]

No comment?

Thanks to all those who’ve commented so far, or tried to comment. The software here is a little finicky. Seems not to like certain characters, chopping off your comments mid-sentence.  Also doesn’t like certain words, so that you actually can’t mention "homosexuality" in responding to Woodson’s book, below.  Thanks for sticking with it, and finding creative ways to […]

Other Mock Newberys

Eventually we’ll have a blogroll on the side of the blog’s main page, so that you’ll have easy access to a list of other sites and blogs that come from places/people who are conducting their own Mock Newberys.  For now, I thought I’d make a post containing a list of the ones we’ve gathered so you […]

After Tupac & D Foster

Ok, I’m a sucker for a Jacqueline Woodson book.  I will admit that.  Feathers was a Newbery Honor winner last year.  But remember, that is not a topic that is up for discussion when considering this year’s books.   According to the Newbery Terms & Criteria, "The committee in its deliberations is to consider only the […]

The Newbery Remembers its Way, or “Gee, thanks, Mr. Sachar”

At a party last week I was introduced as having been chair of last year’s Newbery committee.   The question came from a fourth grade teacher: how do you get on the Newbery Committee? …which is the most common question I get, and is most commonly followed by a statement somewhat like her next one: “Because […]