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Heavy Medal: A Mock Newbery Blog
Inside Heavy Medal

Kate and Kathy

You may notice my photo has changed; a request I sent a couple of days ago in order to celebrate the new Newbery.  The timing is perhaps awkward, but on reflection apt. Kathy Krasniewicz and Kate McClelland–two of my dearest colleagues in ALSC–are being fondly remembered all over the blogsophere. No less here, and with no less […]

All A’Twitter

"Anonymous" doesn’t much like my "huffy, snooty" "whining" about SLJs coverage of the Newbery in my last post.  Which makes me remember the other thing that miffs me in that article: "Little did Gaiman know, but his tweet upon hearing the news has generated its own controversy. “F—!!!! I won the F—ING NEWBERY THIS IS […]

Photographic Evidence

Sorry I am a day behind adding photos.  My usb cable was buried under a pile of ARCs, dirty clothes, and papers from meetings.  But now that I’m all packed up and ready to go it has been uncovered and I was able to upload all my pictures. So, here’s a morning in the life […]

Gaiman’s Gold

The SLJ front page headline reads “Finally! The Newbery Goes to a Popular Book” *…but the medal-winning author, Neil Gaiman, seems to actually understand this award:  “The Newbery is far and away probably the most important,” he says. “It means you are seen as being part of a group of books that are of quality […]

Neil’s Surprise Phonecall

Neil Gaiman has already posted on his blog about the phone call he received this morning giving him the big news!  Read it here.


and I’ve never been more happy to be more wrong. The Graveyard  is the best written book for children this year by an American author or resident—and with clear child appeal. In my first post I noted just a few examples of the fine craft that I found on first reading—craft that reveals itself only […]

The Results

Here Postings and pictures to come from me and Sharon later today…. but feel free to start commenting now! 


Nina and I had the same idea…to make a post about all the anticipation.  I’m finally resting in my hotel room watching the snow out the window and wondering wondering wondering what the Newbery (and other) Awards will look like tomorrow, bright and early.   Will the Graveyard Book surprise us with eligibility and a win???  […]

The Sunday Hush

It’s snowing in Denver this Sunday morning. I’m at the Internet Cafe in the Convention Center, directly across from the Press Room where award committee chairs have–as of 10am–turned in their press releases. Press Office staff and ALSC, YALSA, Coretta Scott King, and Reforma leadership will be busy until late tonight finalizing the announcements, and calling […]

The Games Begin

Sharon and I are landed in Denver and happily installed at the first meeting (for the session) of ALSC’s Notable Books for Children committee. Here (as opposed the “closed” award committee meetings) the discussion has an audience: conference goers flock to the room in the afternoons to listen in on the debate. In the back […]