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Heavy Medal: A Mock Newbery Blog
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Photographic Evidence

Sorry I am a day behind adding photos.  My usb cable was buried under a pile of ARCs, dirty clothes, and papers from meetings.  But now that I’m all packed up and ready to go it has been uncovered and I was able to upload all my pictures.

So, here’s a morning in the life of a librarian attending the Youth Media Awards Press Conference.

Waiting for the room to open.

Nina and I are prepared to blog amidst the crowds.

A blurry shot of the winner being announced.

The Newbery Committee stands and is recognized.  Good work!

Nina sharing the news.

My excited surprise.

Monica shows us how happy she is that Nina was wrong. 

Kathy and Monica celebrate.

Can’t wait for next year!

Sharon McKellar About Sharon McKellar

Sharon McKellar is the Supervising Librarian for Teen Services at the Oakland Public Library in California. She has served on the Rainbow List Committee, the Notable Children’s Recordings Committee, The Arbuthnot Honor Lecture Committee, and the 2015 Caldecott Committee. You can reach her at

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