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Place Your Bets

So, just for fun – place your bets!  Who do you think *will* win the Newbery Award and Honors?  How do you *want* to win???

Bon Voyage

What a pleasure to be packing lightly for ALA Midwinter. Award committee members are probably shuffling books right now, trying to figure out exactly which ones they really need to bring with them. When I was on the committee my books were ruffled and riffled with different colored post-its, and leaving any of them behind felt […]

Other Mock Winners

Nina just posted about Kids and Mock Newbery Discussions.  A perfect lead-in for this post, where I’m going to provide as much information as I have found about winners and honor books from other Mock Newberys around the country.  The reason I see Nina’s post as a perfect lead-in is that I always wonder, when […]

Kids and Mock Award discussions

Roger has started an interesting thread at his blog about kids opinions on books, and several commenters have mentioned their experiences with kids in Mock award discussions.  This is the sixth Mock Newbery I’ve helped organize for adults. I’ve taken a couple of stabs at doing it with kids, but have found it nearly impossible […]

From someone who should know

Newbery Medalist and Librarian Susan Patron adds a refreshing perspective on the Newbery brouhaha.  With just over a week to go until the ALA Youth Media Awards annoucements, let me wish all the award committee members a happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day weekend and inauguration. Hope you can take the time to witness it. 

Another Perspective On Our Day

Oakland "Heavy Medal" Mock Newbery participant, Emily Jiang, was inspired to get back to blogging after our discussion on Saturday.  If you’re interested in reading more about how the day went, from the standpoint of a participant, do check out her blog post here.  I know she plans on writing more – reviews of the […]

Anatomy of a Mock Newbery

A lucky thirteen of us gathered last Sunday at the Golden Gate library in Oakland.  After reviewing the process that the Newbery Committee goes through to arrive at their discussion list for their January deliberations, we imagined ourselves at that meeting: took on the committee charge, criteria, and discussion guidelines, and worked through our Mock […]

The Results are In!

Yesterday, thirteen people gathered to discuss the eight books on our short list and to crown an Oakland "Heavy Medal" Mock Newbery award to the most distinct of them.  We talked, we debated, we discussed, and in the end we had a clear winner. (Drum roll, please…) The Porcupine Year by Louise Edrich!! The group […]

Kittens Kittens Everywhere!

Getting reading for our discussion on Sunday… I really enjoyed my re-read of both Highway Cats (Janet Taylor Lisle) and The Underneath  (Lathi Appelt) and made a point of re-reading them one after the other. Nina covered The Underneath with a lot of detail over these three posts and she also discussed Highway Cats here. […]

The Trouble Begins

Gearing up for our discussion… I looked forward to my second reading of The Trouble Begins at 8. I could read over and over Fleischman’s wonderful turns of phrase, such as this one:    “From under the author’s full mustache, hanging like a rusted scimitar over his sharp quips, came an evergreen stream of wit.” p.4 […]