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The Wild Rumpus

Leslie asks: "Some years ago the cover of The Horn Book was an illustration by David Macaulay of what I think was supposed to be the Newbery committee "discussing" books. That would be "discussing" in the sense that violence had either just broken out or was just about to. It has been one of my […]

more backlash

With the Mock Newbery coming up on Sunday, I should really be posting about the books, getting deeper into discussion, and preparing for that.  But I’ll admit, I’ve been distracted a little bit by this Bloomberg article. There has been discussion on Read Roger (check the comments)  and Fuse #8 also discusses the article.  I […]

My One Hundred Adventures

*Discussion This Sunday—Shortlist Here!* While I attempt to compose myself over the Bloomberg article…Sharon and I will also be sharing some more thoughts on our shortlist titles as we head towards our weekend discussion. Please chime in!   Sharon called My One Hundred Adventures “Just Not My Thing,” and that is a common cry in comments that I’ve found on […]

Cybils Award Shortlists

The first round of judging is over for the Cybils Awards, the only childrens and teen literature awards administered and judged by bloggers. I have the great honor this year of being the category organizer for the Graphic Novel Awards and the judges have worked very hard picking through the host of nominations to narrow […]