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And in the end…

I am sorry to report that this will be our last post here for awhile. Thank you so much to everyone who has read and commented and made this blog such a great success.  We have had a lot of fun with it, and have enjoyed all the great conversation. We’ll be back in the fall, […]

Newbery vs. Sibert

Six Boxes of Books has a great Newbery Roundup up, sort of pre-empting the post of theirs I wanted to talk about: Sibert 2009. But I’ll talk about it anyway. Wendy at Six Boxes says: "But does the existence of the Sibert just give us an excuse for continuing to leave non-fiction out of most Newbery discussions? […]

The Surrender Tree

The Surrender Tree, this year’s surprise in the Newbery Honor lineup, was just named an honoree for the Lee Bennett Hopkins Poetry Award as well. With the Pura Belpre Award also under it’s belt, this makes you start to see how award committees can be on to something that passes the rest of us by […]

An Inside Peek

American Libraries has given us a great little peek inside one of the most fun (I imagine) parts of being a member of a book selection committee; the calls to the winning authors! Check it out here! And only slightly off topic – but what did we all think of Coraline?  I saw it over […]

The Book Before the Movie

Look what happens when a flu rips through the Oakland Public Library, rendering its staff immobile for a week… SLJ continues its coverage of the Newbery, including something to pass as controversy. I keep on misnoming Roger’s retort as "Put it Where You Put it," with an emphasis on the profane. I’m actually happy to […]

The Honor

I’d hoped to have a post for you by now of Surrender Tree, but I’m still only almost done. (My bus keeps coming on time!) You all know what Sharon and I think of After Tupac & Foster, The Underneath, and Savvy. What do you think? Here’s a challenge: give us a one to two […]

There’s Always a Critic

Neil Gaiman pointed out, via a tweet, this comment on a New York Times blog post announcing the winners of the Newbery, Caldecott, Printz, and others. This book opens with a killer going from room-to-room, knifing a family — mother & father and a child — one-by-one while they sleep, but accidentally leaving a toddler to […]

Other Views on the Medals

As I re-read the honor books for further comment, I’ve been enjoying the reports at a couple of new-to-me blogs: Peter Sieruta’s Collecting Children’s Books, where he reports that Only [His] Right Frontal Lobe Exploded upon hearing the announcements…and delves a little deeper into the Twitter controversy. Six Boxes of Books, by LaurieA-B and Wendy […]