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As I re-read the honor books for further comment, I’ve been enjoying the reports at a couple of new-to-me blogs:

Peter Sieruta’s Collecting Children’s Books, where he reports that Only [His] Right Frontal Lobe Exploded upon hearing the announcements…and delves a little deeper into the Twitter controversy.

Six Boxes of Books, by LaurieA-B and Wendy Burton (who was at our discussion in Oakland!).  Start with their live-blogging Reactions as They Happen and read up.

…And to respond to the many who’ve expressed that they hope this blog will’s your head’s up that we will be going on hiatus, as soon as we exhaust this year’s awards aftermath…and with every intention of starting up again later in year, in plenty of time to gather your suggestions.

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Nina Lindsay is the Children's Services Coordinator at the Oakland Public Library, CA. She chaired the 2008 Newbery Committee, and served on the 2004 and 1998 committees. You can reach her at


  1. And maybe in the hiatus you’ll both read Moccasin Trail?… Thanks for the shout-out!

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