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Shortlist Tomorrow!

I’ll be posting the 8 title shortlist for our Sunday, Dec 12th discussion (and giving details for how to participate) first thing Tuesday morning. So stayed tuned, and don’t fail to put in your 2 cents now!

Nina Lindsay About Nina Lindsay

Nina Lindsay is the Children's Services Coordinator at the Oakland Public Library, CA. She chaired the 2008 Newbery Committee, and served on the 2004 and 1998 committees. You can reach her at


  1. Nina, does “put in your 2 cents” = “weigh in on books you are hoping to see on the shortlist”?

    If so:
    One Crazy Summer
    A Conspiracy of Kings
    Touch Blue
    Ballet for Martha: Making Appalachian Spring

    If earlier indications hold true and the shortlist omits recently published titles such as FORGE, that will be a cryin’ shame. It makes the whole process feel just a little artificial and removes it yet another step from the real-world committee deliberations. I do understand your reasoning and I am sure you and Jonathan are weighing the pros and cons carefully. I also realize I am on the privileged side of access to new books, so I should probably zip it! Still, I can’t help hoping the shortlist includes FORGE.

  2. Nina Lindsay says:

    Oh, how I really wish we could have it all ways. Here’s the thing…the process IS artificial. Limiting it to 8 titles to begin with makes it so. Also, think Mock. Mock, Mock, Mock. I feel it’s really important to emphasize that what we’re doing is pretend. This particular Mock Newbery is less about prediction than it is about simulation.

    For the live discussion, if most people have read only some of the books, then you can’t have any close semblance of the voting/consensus procedure. You’ve just got a book discussion. So, the way I’ve decided to do it, everyone has to have read every title. Therefore, we’ve got to limit the number of titles, and think about accessibility.

    With the early conference this year, we could have held the discussion on January 2nd to give us the most time, and the best access to later titles. But few people would come. Ditto Dec 26th..even Dec 19th. (Evenings and Saturdays tend not to work with our participant pool, many of whom work in local public libraries).

    I *do* believe Jonathan and I are finalizing a shortlist that includes true contenders. And, we’re working on a little something for the post-discussion/pre-announcement period to bring in the online community and some of those later titles. So don’t despair.

    So: the shortlist does not include FORGE. Any other guesses out there?

  3. “Simulation, not prediction” and “mock mock mock” — that helps, thanks… despair begone!

  4. Lets see, 8 titles . . .

    1. The Dreamer
    2. One Crazy Summer
    3. Countdown
    4. A Conspiracy of Kings
    5. Keeper

    That leaves room for 3 more . . .

    I would love to see THE BONESHAKER, TURTLE IN PARADISE, and WHAT HAPPENED ON FOX STREET fill out the remaining spots but would go for at least one of them. I know you guys like to include a wide array of genres on the shortlist I just can’t find any convincing nonfiction or picture book candidates this year. There’s some strong fiction though. Should be interesting.

  5. Guesses are:


    Whishes are:


  6. Jonathan Hunt says:

    FORGE is a really problematic one to leave off because, while it was published late, it is a major series by a major author, and many libraries already have copies on order, in processing, or available for checkout. So this one is actually more available than lesser heralded books with early October publication dates (e.g. BARBIE, MOON OVER MANIFEST, ZORA AND ME, BECAUSE OF MR. TERUPT). I’d be curious to know how many public libraries already have FORGE in their system. Anyone?

  7. 7 copies of Forge are in circulation in the Santa Clara County library system (with 3 holds on them, including mine!). San Jose Public has 6 copies on order, but not available.

    Looking forward to your shortlist!

  8. my 8….

    one crazy summer
    the kneebone boy
    sugar changed the world
    a conspiracy of kings
    they called it the kkk

  9. Ninth Ward
    One Crazy Summer
    Night Fairy
    Out of my Mind
    How I Nicky Flynn Finally Got a Life (And a Dog)
    Celestial Globe
    My Havana

    Jonathan, I did a quick check the Dekalb County library in GA has 7 copies of Forge. The Atlanta Fulton County library doesn’t have Forge yet and its not on order

  10. Jonathan, the Minuteman Library Network in MA has 20 copies of Forge, 7 copies being processed and 16 holds. I am reading it now.


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