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Is This Absolutely Necessary?

When I survey the books suggested on the previous threads, I notice the following– WILDWOOD (560 pages) THE APOTHECARY (368 pages) CHIME (368 pages) CITY OF ORPHANS (368 pages) OKAY FOR NOW (368 pages) THE QUEEN OF WATER (368 pages) DEAD END IN NORVELT (352 pages) AKATA WITCH (349 pages) ICEFALL (336 pages) THE MOSTLY […]



Well, I’m impressed, and while I try to absorb all your recommendations, let’s get into it with the one title I’m surprised so few of you have suggested: Brian Selznick’s WONDERSTRUCK. Fuse #8 posted her online review yesterday, which includes some interior images for you. Arranged physically like HUGO CABRET, this is a completely different […]

Moon Over Manifest


I admit that while I still had not read the Newbery Medal winner by ALA Annual, I very much enjoyed Clare Vanderpool’s acceptance speech, finding her warm, personable, and funny.  When I surveyed people at the conference about whether they liked the book, many people had not managed to finish it, but most who did found many distinguished qualities–and heartily […]

It Begins

It’s the canning season, a fully post-Harry Potter world, and I’m ready to tear in and talk awards.  Happily this year, we’ve got company at the Horn Book: Calling Caldecott. But here is where Jonathan and I, and you, start to look at possible contenders for the Newbery award. Recall that the award discussions are […]