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Breakfast of Consensus

I just breakfasted next to a Newbery committee member who was feeding and bolting to her 8am meeting.  They met all day yesterday, and will again all day today, and by the end (“10pm” is often wishful thinking on Saturday) may have a winner.  Sunday, if they’re on schedule, is for preparing press releases and staggering around in dazes…  if they’re brave, maybe sitting in on the Notable Children’s Books discussion where we try to read their faces, and if not, perhaps to bed. They’ll be up early early Monday to be photographed and call their winners, even before we all assemble for the press conference.

So here’s to the committee and their Saturday: it’ll be intense, the hardest work in a hard working year still ahead, but over soon. And, here’s proof, they’re fortified.

Nina Lindsay About Nina Lindsay

Nina Lindsay is the Children's Services Coordinator at the Oakland Public Library, CA. She chaired the 2008 Newbery Committee, and served on the 2004 and 1998 committees. You can reach her at


  1. Made me feel like I was right there, Nina! Thanks so much for posting the “…and you were there” remarks. Evoked such great memories. And to be truthful, evoked such relief I was not ‘feeding and bolting’ this morning.

  2. Michelle Ruthy says:

    Hi Nina and Jonathan,

    I just found your blog through an article in The Seattle Times (link below), and wanted to thank you for putting together your final list of possibilities.

    I guess I am an avid Newbery Medal collector, as I have read all the medal winners and own each one to date. I hope to add the 2012 to my library collection as soon as it is announced on Monday to make my collection complete and current. Do you know when and how it will be announced on the 23rd?

    Thank you!
    Michelle in Seattle

  3. Nina Lindsay says:

    Michelle, the press conference is at 7:45 am central. The newbery is annouced at the end.

    How’s the snow? Committee members inteding to travel th/fri didn’t make it in until late yesterday. I don’t think this affected any of the “big” award committees. But next Midwinter we’ll be meeting in Seattle! Hold that snow off for the award committees arrivals, can you? They have such a short window in which to achieve their alchemy.

  4. Juilie Anne says:

    Michelle there will be a webcast here:

  5. Blueberry yogurt and eggs? That is a very sensible breakfast. Gives me great confidence! :)

  6. Everyone in Dallas – Wave at the camera. We’ll be watching. Happy Newbery Day!

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