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The Single Greatest Effort


We discussed I BROKE MY TRUNK! earlier here and here. I’m not sure that I can argue the merits of this book any better than I have already done. I still think it’s distinguished as all get out. Ironically, most of its strongest competition within the easy reader field comes from three other books penned […]

Get ready for the online voting!

We’ll soon be beginning an online version of Mock Newbery balloting! We tried this last year, and while it’s hard to mimic the consensus-building that can happen when you’re in room with a Mock committee, it’s too fun not try again, with just a few tweaks. If you’d like to participate, you must take on […]

Best Books Overlap

Bulletin Blue Ribbons are up!  Now all six review journals have published their best books lists.  There is not necessarily a strong correlation between starred reviews and best of the year lists and Newbery recognition.  For example, last year: ONE CRAZY SUMMER (4 stars/5 lists), DARK EMPEROR (4 stars/3 lists), HEART OF A SAMURAI (4 […]

Okay For Now Redux

Still number one on the Goodreads Newbery poll, and probably the most frequently commented-on book on this blog, even since before the The Gloves Come Off post… Schmidt’s latest is at least the most talked about favorite this year.  So how does it really stack up against our shortlist?  Because here we are: it’s January […]