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So Long, Farewell . . .

IT’S TIME TO SAY GOODBYE As we wrap up another season of Heavy Medal, we’d like to thank all of our readers for their contributions.  It’s always hard to recognize only a small handful of books every year, but I always feel like we are able to celebrate many more worthy titles here, titles which […]

Thoughts on the awards

It was a fun day here in Seattle as everyone expressed their excitement about the awards. General appreciation about the spread of styles in the Newbery selections, and the seemingly generous five honors for the Caldecott… though if you scan through the earlier decades of the Newbery and Caldecott, you’ll see many years with five […]

2013 Newbery Medal and Honors

Newbery Medal THE ONE AND ONLY IVAN Newbery Honors SPLENDORS AND GLOOMS BOMB THREE TIMES LUCKY Can I just say how pleased I am with this committee?  Really.  I think these are awesome choices.  As I mentioned on the Battle of the Kids’ Books site, I think no other book this year has the combination of […]

It’s decided!….

…but we don’t know. Roxanne Feldman does (member of the committee) but she’s not telling. She’s snuggling up with her phone and the new Kiki Strike, copyright 2013.

Last Words

The anticipation of Monday’s announcements is making me giddy and restless.  It’s also making me lose my blogging mojo.  I wrote about potential Newbery books for a third grade audience, but wasn’t happy with it.  Then I wrote about second-guessing the Newbery committee, but decided that wasn’t quite right either. So I’ll just mention that my top four choices are BOMB, CHICKADEE, […]

Could be…who knows…

Tomorrow I fly to Seattle; the Newbery committee is headed there right now, if they didn’t come in yesterday to get acclimated. They may be preparing for the opening of their discussion, Friday morning, by reviewing the titles they feel they can most strongly champion. At the same time that they articulate their defense of […]

The Virtual Mock Supercommittee Has Spoken!

With 59 voters, we have the following results . . . BOMB . . . 14 (1st) + 12 (2nd) + 5 (3rd) = 125 SPLENDORS AND GLOOMS . . . 9 (1st) + 6 (2nd) + 9 (3rd) = 68 STARRY RIVER OF THE SKY . . . 3 (1st) + 11 (2nd) + […]

Nonfiction Mini Mock

On this exciting inauguration/MLK Day, it feels special to have you all checking in to Heavy Medal! While you’re here, don’t forget to vote (deadline Tuesday morning), and to update us on your Mock Newberys. Meanwhile, in some comment that I can no longer find, I promised a “Nonfiction Smackdown.”  Building our shortlist, there was very […]

Ready! Set! Vote!

I know we said we were not doing an online ballot this year, but since we’ve been doing mock nominations throughout the year, the natural and logical conclusion is to vote.  Now keeping in mind that we’ve had just over 30 people participate in each round of voting, we would probably need a single book to […]


  This one hasn’t gotten a stand-alone post from us yet.  Jonathan headlined it at his Louise Erdrich post, but most of the resulting comments ended up being about THE ROUND HOUSE (which will be the first thing I read following this Newbery season).   He brought it up again at 2012 Best Books Outliers, […]