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Graphic Novel Roundup

Well, if there was ever a doubt that graphic novels can have what it takes to get a shiny sticker, the last couple of years have proven that they can!  It is easy to imagine the conversations that might happen around art and graphic novels at an award committee discussion, but it is harder, for […]

Raymie Nightingale

Well, I kind of put my foot in my mouth last time around when I declared that FLORA & ULYSSES was my least favorite DiCamillo novel (or perhaps I even said it was her worst–I can’t quite remember).  Of course, then she went on to win her second Newbery Medal several months later.  DiCamillo’s “worst” […]


Booked is a spring title that has gotten a lot of buzz, and the reasons are plentiful and obvious.  First of all, for those who missed this, this is Kwame Alexander’s follow-up to his Newbery winning The Crossover, and it, like the predecessor, is a novel in verse about sports, but not *really* about sports. Of […]

Kirkus Prize Shortlist

The third Kirkus Prize shortlist has been announced and like its predecessors it’s chock full of Newbery possibilities.  Yes, the shortlist always includes two picture books, two middle grade titles, and two young adult titles, but you know how we feel about the Newbery committee embracing the full breadth of its charge.  The winner gets […]


PAX has already figured prominently in our discussions on previous threads. Since I get the feeling it’s one of those books we’ll have a running conversation about all season long, I’m not going to present a comprehensive treatment of the book here but rather explore some of the issues that have already been raised, tossing […]

Wild Robot

Oh, those pictures!  Wait!  Sorry…wrong blog, wrong medal! So, let’s get into our first book discussion – Peter Brown’s The Wild Robot.  Starred reviews from Publisher’s Weekly, School Library Journal, and Booklist.  Adam Rubin praised it in the New York Times.  Is it a Newbery contender?  Well, this is a great chance to pull out […]

NBA Longlist

                We’re really pleased with the range of the National Book Award longlist!  These are excellent choices with lots of possibilities for Newbery overlap.  Sharon and I decided to divvy up the early spring titles for September discussions, so look for posts on BOOKED, RAYMIE NIGHTINGALE, and PAX […]

I am Here!

Hi everyone.  Do not fear – Jonathan is not stuck flying solo this year.  I am here!   You may or may not recognize me, but if we take a little trip back in time,  you’ll find that I’ve been here before.  In fact, Jonathan replaced me when life commitments took me away from this […]

Ten Picture Books That Can Win the 2017 Newbery Medal