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Heavy Medal, Mock Newbery, Award – Nominations Tally

After two rounds of nomination, we have 18 titles that are top contenders (4 nominations or more by 59 Heavy Medal readers). The top six titles remain the same, while This Promise of Change, Genesis Begins Again, The Bridge Home and To Night Owl from Dogfish have gained greater momentum than others. Sal & Gabi, Eventown, and A Place to Belong did not pick up additional nominations. Out of the top 19 titles listed below, only one (This Promise of Change) is nonfiction. Given the fact that 1919 The Year That Changed America just won the National Book Award for young readers and that Torpedoed has garnered much praise, I wonder whether the numbers for these two will change drastically during our December nomination round – 12/9 to 12/13.

The full nominations list could serve as inspiration of reading choices for the next three weeks. For example, I have a copy of Infinite Hope (one nomination in November) and can’t wait to read it. It could also help Heavy Medal readers to strategize: if a title you love seems already secure as a contender, would you “waste” a nomination on it or find another title that might be on the cusp of being included? (In the Real Newbery Process, you don’t have to worry about this since even a single nomination would ensure a full discussion at the Midwinter Conference.) To see the detailed nomination tally, please CLICK ON THIS LINK.

20New Kid
16Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise
14Queen of the Sea
12Line Tender
11Pay Attention, Carter Jones
9Lalani of the Distant Sea
7This Promise of Change
6Sal & Gabi Break the Universe
6Other Words for Home
6Genesis Begins Again
6The Bridge Home
5To Night Owl from Dogfish
4Sweeping Up the Heart
4Beverly, Right Here
4Look Both Ways
4Planet Earth is Blue
4A Place to Belong
Roxanne Hsu Feldman About Roxanne Hsu Feldman

Roxanne Hsu Feldman is the Middle School (4th to 8th grade) Librarian at the Dalton School in New York City. She served on the 2002 and 2013 Newbery Committees. Roxanne was also a member of 2008-2009 Notable Books for Children, 2015 Best Fiction for Young Adults, and the 2017 Odyssey Award Committees. In 2016 Roxanne was one of the three judges for the Boston Globe-Horn Book Awards. You can reach her at at


  1. In the full list, some of the ones that have 1 vote seem like they should have more? Like Scary stories for young foxes had at least 2 just in this round (me and DaNae).

  2. I would love to push for people to consider TRISTAN STRONG PUNCHES A HOLE IN THE SKY by Kwame Mbalia. It is so funny, fun, and heartfelt. Lots of action, and lots of great fully fleshed characters.

  3. Sorry I wasn’t clear. My nominations were.
    Foxes and Undefeated

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