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The members of the Heavy Medal Committee (HMC) continue to ballot and re-ballot, working towards selecting the Heavy Medal Mock Newbery winner. Ballot #3 results will be revealed soon…and we may have another after that! Those fifteen volunteer members are using the Newbery process of 3 weighted votes per ballot, with a requirement of 8 first place votes and and point margin for a winner to be declared. The high level book discussion that’s taken place in the past few days shows how intense and how difficult this process can be. The energy and commitment shown by the HMC has been amazing.

Meanwhile, we invite all Heavy Medal readers to participate in our Reader’s Poll, which opens now. For this poll, everyone just casts one vote, and most points wins…no weighted formula. There’s also a write-in option. And feel free to elaborate on your choice or share your thoughts on the HMC process that’s taken place this week in the comments below. We’ll keep this poll open until 9:00 pm EST on Sunday and post results shortly after that.

Here is the link to the Readers’ Poll:

Steven Engelfried About Steven Engelfried

Steven Engelfried is the Library Services Manager at the Wilsonville Public Library in Oregon. He served on the 2010 Newbery committee, chaired the 2013 Newbery Committee, and also served on the 2002 Caldecott committee. You can reach him at


  1. Steven Engelfried Steven Engelfried says:

    We have 58 votes on the Readers’ Poll so far. The leading vote getter has only 12 votes, so it looks like another close race….

  2. Molly Sloan says:

    I’m not sure this is the right place to post the results from the Mock Newbery vote at my school. The Newbery Club of Portland Jewish Academy, which consists of fifth through seventh graders voted this afternoon.
    Let ‘Er Buck: George Fletcher, the People’s Champion by Vaunda Micheaux Nelson
    Two Honor Books:
    New Kid by Jerry Craft
    Guts by Raina Telgemeier

    Honorable mentions that made our second ballot but which didn’t garner as many votes as the honor books: Song For A Whale, Over the Moon, To Night Owl, From Dogfish, Other Words For Home, The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise, and Genesis Begins Again

    • Steven Engelfried Steven Engelfried says:

      Thanks for sharing those results Molly. You can see more mock award results from around the country on the ALSC Blog. These include over a dozen Mock Newbery results. With a wide variety of winners, which is a good reminder that the individuals on a committee are so very different from each other…

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