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Heavy Medal: A Mock Newbery Blog
Inside Heavy Medal

Photographic Evidence

Sorry I am a day behind adding photos.  My usb cable was buried under a pile of ARCs, dirty clothes, and papers from meetings.  But now that I’m all packed up and ready to go it has been uncovered and I was able to upload all my pictures. So, here’s a morning in the life […]

Neil’s Surprise Phonecall

Neil Gaiman has already posted on his blog about the phone call he received this morning giving him the big news!  Read it here.


Nina and I had the same idea…to make a post about all the anticipation.  I’m finally resting in my hotel room watching the snow out the window and wondering wondering wondering what the Newbery (and other) Awards will look like tomorrow, bright and early.   Will the Graveyard Book surprise us with eligibility and a win???  […]

Place Your Bets

So, just for fun – place your bets!  Who do you think *will* win the Newbery Award and Honors?  How do you *want* to win???

Other Mock Winners

Nina just posted about Kids and Mock Newbery Discussions.  A perfect lead-in for this post, where I’m going to provide as much information as I have found about winners and honor books from other Mock Newberys around the country.  The reason I see Nina’s post as a perfect lead-in is that I always wonder, when […]

Another Perspective On Our Day

Oakland "Heavy Medal" Mock Newbery participant, Emily Jiang, was inspired to get back to blogging after our discussion on Saturday.  If you’re interested in reading more about how the day went, from the standpoint of a participant, do check out her blog post here.  I know she plans on writing more – reviews of the […]

The Results are In!

Yesterday, thirteen people gathered to discuss the eight books on our short list and to crown an Oakland "Heavy Medal" Mock Newbery award to the most distinct of them.  We talked, we debated, we discussed, and in the end we had a clear winner. (Drum roll, please…) The Porcupine Year by Louise Edrich!! The group […]

Kittens Kittens Everywhere!

Getting reading for our discussion on Sunday… I really enjoyed my re-read of both Highway Cats (Janet Taylor Lisle) and The Underneath  (Lathi Appelt) and made a point of re-reading them one after the other. Nina covered The Underneath with a lot of detail over these three posts and she also discussed Highway Cats here. […]

more backlash

With the Mock Newbery coming up on Sunday, I should really be posting about the books, getting deeper into discussion, and preparing for that.  But I’ll admit, I’ve been distracted a little bit by this Bloomberg article. There has been discussion on Read Roger (check the comments)  and Fuse #8 also discusses the article.  I […]

An Unshelved Christmas

Unshelved, my favorite web comic (because it’s hilarious and about libraries), has a cute Newbery related comic today.  So, I thought that it could be my winter holidays present to you.   Happy Winter!