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Finally, the Finalists!


After many emailed, texted, and phoned conversations, we finally made our choices. In compiling the list, we try to balance between reader support: many of the titles have received strong HM reader support; critical success: winning other awards, making multiple end-of-the-year best lists, etc.; and the HM bloggers’ personal picks: since even one nomination could put a book on the table during the […]

Heavy Medal Committee: Official Call for Participants


Let the excitement mount! As our final nomination round winds down and the discussion of the many”Best Of” lists of the year comes to an end, it’s time to officially call for the Heavy Medal Committee members.  These will be HM readers who are committed to: Read (and re-read) all the 15 (fifteen) titles on our […]

Best Books of the Year Lists

dactyl hill

As we  continue to get December nominations from Heavy Medal readers, it’s also the time of year when we see Best of the Year lists coming out from journals.  So far we’ve seen lists from School Library Journal, Publisher’s Weekly, and Kirkus, as well as the New York Public Library.  Horn Book and Booklist should be […]

December Nominations: Last Chance!


Around this time, Newbery Committee members are sending in their last two official nominations, after having submitted three in October and two in November.  Following that model, it’s time for Heavy Medal readers to do the same: Submit two Newbery-eligible titles in the comments section below. If you have missed either of the two previous […]

November Nominations Results – 67 titles so far!

Thank you all so much for another round of robust nominations.  Here are some stats: 60 Heavy Medal readers have now participated in the nominations process since October. 247 nominations total. 39 of the 60 reader-nominators have put forward five titles each, the others nominated either just in October or just in November. The list […]

November Nomination & The Heavy Medal Committee

In November, we are asking our readers to Nominate TWO more titles (and two in December as well) following the actual Newbery Committee schedule and procedure. If you already nominated three titles in October, nominate two now — Do not duplicate your own titles but you are free to nominate titles already put in by others. If you did not […]

National Book Awards Finalists


 When the National Book Awards Longlist was announced a few weeks ago I wasn’t sure it would relate very much to mock-Newbery stuff.  As Roxanne pointed out in her post, at least five of the ten books were very much on the older end of the teen audience. But today the five Finalists were announced and it […]

Nominations: First Round Results


October Nominations are closed. We’ll call for two more nominations per person in early November, then again in December.  The first round of Nominations was one of my favorite parts of being Newbery Chair. Up to this moment, Committee members don’t have a good sense of what other members are most enthusiastic about. Then the […]

Thoughts on October 8, 2018, Indigenous Peoples Day


First off, we’d like to thank all of you who have nominated titles for our future discussion.  The number of comments is robust! That leads us to express our puzzlement: why so few of you have joined the book discussion?  Too busy? Not inspired? Book discussion seems trivial compared to what’s transpiring on the national […]

It’s Time! Top Three? Wheee!

Nominate blue

I know it seems so fast, but it’s already time to start nominating.  In October the real Newbery Committee members are painstakingly deciding which titles to put forward as their first nominations.  The first ones are hardest, for me, because I’m flying blind.  I’m trying to guess what others are likely to suggest and balance […]