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National Book Awards Finalists


 When the National Book Awards Longlist was announced a few weeks ago I wasn’t sure it would relate very much to mock-Newbery stuff.  As Roxanne pointed out in her post, at least five of the ten books were very much on the older end of the teen audience. But today the five Finalists were announced and it […]

Nominations: First Round Results


October Nominations are closed. We’ll call for two more nominations per person in early November, then again in December.  The first round of Nominations was one of my favorite parts of being Newbery Chair. Up to this moment, Committee members don’t have a good sense of what other members are most enthusiastic about. Then the […]

Thoughts on October 8, 2018, Indigenous Peoples Day


First off, we’d like to thank all of you who have nominated titles for our future discussion.  The number of comments is robust! That leads us to express our puzzlement: why so few of you have joined the book discussion?  Too busy? Not inspired? Book discussion seems trivial compared to what’s transpiring on the national […]

It’s Time! Top Three? Wheee!

Nominate blue

I know it seems so fast, but it’s already time to start nominating.  In October the real Newbery Committee members are painstakingly deciding which titles to put forward as their first nominations.  The first ones are hardest, for me, because I’m flying blind.  I’m trying to guess what others are likely to suggest and balance […]

An Invitation – To Go Wild (with your recommendations!)


Starting in March, we asked our readers to make monthly suggestions with the strict rule on only including books already published.  So far, more than 80 titles have been put forth by our readers and 27 of them have 3 or more reader support.  We will definitely discuss all 27 and many more from the suggestion pool.  You can see the […]

2019 Heavy Medal: Suggestions to Date – March to August


Here it is, our final cumulative reader suggestion list before we start up our book discussion in early September.  More than forty (40) readers have contributed to the list.  Thank you so much! Plenty of titles to read in preparation for us and Heavy Medal readers.  Please continue to recommend worthy titles for us to […]

2019 Heavy Medal: August Suggestions


Although members of the Newbery Committee would continue to make monthly suggestions throughout the year, at Heavy Medal, this is our last monthly official suggestion post.  In September, we will start our book discussions and readers can suggest titles in comments during the last few months of 2018. For now, the rules are the same as […]

2019 Heavy Medal: Suggestions to Date – March to July

We must thank long-time and new Heavy Medal participants (there are quite a few of you this month) for suggesting titles! Please also actively read these titles in preparation for the September 2019 Heavy Medal official launch.  Of course we will discuss those with multiple suggestions but we also urge everyone to read those with one […]

2019 Heavy Medal: July Suggestions


It is July! By this time, member of the real 2019 Newbery committee must be feeling a bit more pressure: half of 2018 has gone by — did they catch all the worthy titles in their suggestions so far?  Many books are yet to be published in the coming months — will they be able to […]

2019 Heavy Medal: Suggestions to Date – March to June

  Thank you all for the suggestions this month. Heavy Medal readers, we hope that you now have a substantial list of titles to read and support in the next couple of rounds of suggestions. you We are thrilled that you have been participating so actively.  See you next month! Single Suggestion: All the Animals Where I […]