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HMC Mock Ballot #2 Results – still not there

2nd Ballots are in, and still no clear winner of the Heavy Medal Mock Newbery. Committee members will now decide how many of the contenders should remain on Ballot #3, which will go out soon

Mock Newbery Discussion Starts January 2nd

The 2020 Heavy Medal Mock-Newbery book discussion starts tomorrow. Here are the guidelines that the Heavy Medal Awards Committee will be following.

Introducing the Heavy Medal Committee

The 15 members of the Heavy Medal Committee are ready to begin discussing some of the year’s best children’s books. The HM Mock Newbery discussion starts January 2nd. Meet the 15 participants in this post:

The Heavy Medal Book Discussion Schedule

The Heavy Medal Committee now includes 16 dedicated volunteers. Today we announce the book discussion schedule so Committee members and other Heavy Medal readers will be prepared to critically discuss each book using the criteria of the Newbery Medal.

Heavy Medal Committee: Call for Participants

Discussion of 15 of the best children’s books of 2019 begins on Heavy Medal in January. We’re inviting volunteers to serve on the HM Mock Newbery Committee. Participants will read the 15 books on our list, discuss them online in January, and vote for the Heavy Medal Mock Newbery Winner.

The Final Finalist List

The time has come,’ the Walrus said,      To talk of many things:Of shoes — and ships — and sealing-wax —      Of cabbages — and kings —And why the sea is boiling hot —      And whether pigs have wings.’ The Walrus and the Carpenter – BY LEWIS CARROLL Yes, the time has come to announce the final list. The votes […]

2020 Heavy Medal Mock Newbery Award Finalists… almost: we need your input!

What are the front runners of this year’s Heavy Medal (Mock Newbery) Award titles? You have a chance to decide on the final two titles!

Interview with Jo Ann Allen Boyce and Debbie Levy

THIS IS PROMISE OF CHANGE was an early 2019 publication with many nominations, but we haven’t discussed it much on Heavy Medal (it was part of Roxanne’s post on poetry).  We interviewed the authors to learn more about how the book happened: Heavy Medal: Debbie, why did you decide to write about Jo Ann’s memoir in […]

Call for Nominations-Choose Two More.

Heavy Medal Mock Newbery Nominations are now open for December. In Steven’s November 14 post, he mentioned that for November, 49 Heavy Medal readers each put three titles forward. November 21 post, Roxanne tallied that 18 titles reached top contender status (4 nominations or more by 59 Heavy Medal readers). We are now calling for […]

Picture Book Biographies and the Heavy Medal Early 6

A half dozen possible Newbery contenders are announced today as the Heavy Medal Early 6. These titles will definitely be on our full discussion list which will be announced in December. We also take a look at Picture Book Biographies that could make that list.