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And the (Other) Winner is…

War I Finally Won

Wow, everyone!  Two hundred and eighty of you voted in our General Heavy Medal poll, choosing your top 3 favorite titles from our long list.  I’m really so pleased to see so much participation! So, what won? THE WAR I FINALLY WON took first place, and is crowned the winner, with 104 votes! Remember that […]

What’s Your Prediction?

We’ve spent the last several months discussing what we think SHOULD win Newbery recognition, and why.  For this post, let’s shift gears and talk about what we think actually WILL emerge as winners.  It’s not as easy as it looks. Though some of my predictions have won Honors over the years, I’m afraid that the […]

Heavy Medal Mock Newbery Fifteen – 3rd Ballot Results


After a second round of discussion with additional clarification and examples from the books, our Heavy Medal Mock Newbery Fifteen cast their secret votes again. At this point, 10 out of the original 18 titles received votes.  Many members have shifted their choices so that we could potentially have a winner. Sharon, Steven, and I […]

2nd Ballot Results — Good Work!


The field has been further narrowed. The opinions have been weighed and considered. The votes are more concentrated. But… we still do not have a WINNER! The front runner is I’m Just No Good at Rhyming with SIX 1st Place Votes and total of 31 points. However, it still has not received the necessary EIGHT 1st Place Votes.  […]

2nd Ballot – In Progress…


This post will be updated once all our votes are in.  We’ve received fourteen out of fifteen ballots as of the morning of February 5th, 2018.  We are eager to share the results of the second round with the world. Stay tuned…

1st Ballot Results – Far from the End


The Heavy Medal 15 have cast their first ballots, and the results are below.  There is no winner at this point because a Medal winner needs to receive 8 first place votes (VINCENT AND THEO has 3) and the margin between 1st and 2nd place must be at least 8 (I’M JUST NO GOOD AT RHYMING leads […]

It’s Time to Vote


The announcement of the 2018 Newbery Medal is just 12 days away.  You can watch the announcements of all of the ALA Youth Media Awards on February 12th.  Meanwhile, here at Heavy Medal we have two separate mock-awards going on: As Roxanne announced yesterday, the Heavy Medal 15, consisting of 15 people who have read […]

Presenting: The Heavy Medal Mock Newbery Fifteen


Heavy Medal Mock Newbery Fifteen members, thank you all so much for having read all the long listed titles and for volunteering to take part in the Heavy Medal Mock Newbery Committee!  Your ballot will be emailed to you tonight. When serving on the real Newbery committee, all members would know each other’s age/age range, […]

Oakland Results

Our maginificant group of participants.

What a wonderful afternoon of book discussion with these amazing people!  I’m excited to do a little bit of a recap for you, and all of the participants have been encouraged to chime in in the comments to share their perspectives, points of view, and any parts of the discussion they think the world should […]

Heavy Medal Finalist – Tumble & Blue


Long List Title:  TUMBLE & BLUE (Titles on our long list will be included in our online conversation and balloting, alongside the short list titles.) This is the last book we’ll be looking closely at before getting to our short list and long list balloting.  More about those processes is coming soon. TUMBLE & BLUE received […]