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A Mountain in Maine, a City of Light and the USSR: Distinguished Settings

Our Mock-Newbery discussion continues with a look at distinguished settings from this year’s children’s books. We’ll examine the ways in which authors create memorable worlds that include the tenuous environment of the post-Chernobyl Soviet Union, a mountaintop in Depression-era Maine, and a mysterious city filled with magical light.

Guest Blogger Schedule

13 Guest Bloggers will be introducing some of the best children’s books of the year on Heavy Medal. Here’s the schedule with titles and dates for all Guest Blogger posts.

Speaking Up, Choosing Lanes, and World War II Reflections: Distinguished Themes

Distinguished books for children often convey powerful themes in innovative ways. Stellar examples from this year include books that explore peer pressure, child abuse, and the impacts of war. Do any of these books have Newbery Medal potential?

Della, Ware, and Bob the Dog: Distinguished Characters

An outspoken girl, and introverted boy, and a dog with “swagger” are among the most memorable characters from the pages of 2020’s children’s books. Are they distinguished enough to merit consideration for the Newbery Medal?

Share Your Newbery Favorites So Far

Heavy Medal readers have created to a long list of possible Newbery contenders over several months. Now’s a chance to rank your early favorites. What tops your list of the best children’s books of 2020 so far?

Welcome to Heavy Medal, 2021 Edition

The Heavy Medal Mock-Newbery blog returns for a 13th year of discussion about the best children’s books of the year. Here’s a look ahead at our plans for this year’s Newbery discussion process.

81 Suggestions So Far

Our 7th call for Mock Newbery Suggestions just finished. Check out this widely varied list of this year’s children’s books that could be part of the conversation for the 2021 Newbery Medal.

September Suggestions now open for Heavy Medal’s Mock Newbery

Children’s books readers are invited to contribute “Suggestions” to Heavy Medal’s list of potential contenders for the 2021 Newbery Medal.

Newbery Suggestions Updated

Our running list of possible Newbery-contending titles has now reached 70. Many of these books will be featured as we examine titles on Heavy Medal over the next few months. Our Mock-Newbery discussions begin in September.

August Suggestions

Our list of suggestions for 2021 Newbery Award contenders continues on Heavy Medal. Add your favorite authors and titles from 2020 to our growing list by August 9th.